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Updated 01/07/2020

If anyone missed Ryan in Horrible Histories well here is your chance to watch him again.

Horrible Histories

BBC Red Button 1
Date: Thursday 9th July 2020
Time: 14:25 to 15:00

Terrible Tudors Special. Series 7, episode 15.
A Terrible Tudors special, featuring a never before seen sketch with the Murderous Medicis, hilarious outtakes, and a special one-off written by a CBBC competition winner.

Directors: Steve Connelly, Ian Curtis
Starring: Gemma Whelan, Tom Stourton, Ryan Sampson

Updated 01/07/2020

Hi Everyone,

If you are still catching up with Brassic, you can see the last episode on

Sky One
Date: Wednesday 17th June 2020
Time: 23:00 to 00:00

Cardi proposes to Carol and Vinnie promises to give him the best wedding he can pull together, but JJ comes up with the idea of hi-jacking his cousin’s big day.
(Last In Series, Digital Surround Sound, Widescreen, Repeat, High Definition, Series 2, Episode 6)

Starring: Joseph Gilgun, Ryan Sampson, Michelle Keegan, Damien Molony, Aaron Heffernan, Parth Thakerar

And if you missed Ryan in Horrible Histories, you can see him again,

Date: Sunday 21st June 2020
Time: 11:20 to 11:45

Terrible Tudors Special. Series 7, episode 15.
A Terrible Tudors special, featuring a never before seen sketch with the Murderous Medicis, hilarious outtakes, and a special one-off written by a CBBC competition winner.
(High Definition, 4 Star)

Directors: Steve Connelly, Ian Curtis
Starring: Gemma Whelan, Tom Stourton, Ryan Sampson

Updated 11/06/2020

Hi All,

As some of you will see The Ryan Sampson Website has been down for a few days while we had to revamp it’s layout, our Web hosts are closing down so we had to move to new hosts, updates will follow soon, so keep checking back, thanks for all your support,

The Admins.

Updated 11/06/2020

Don’t forget you can listen to Ryan in……

The Quanderhorn Xperimentations

BBC Radio 4 

Wednesday 20th May 2020 07:30 to 08:00

Wasp. Series 2, episode 3.

The Professor comes up with a plan, but it means the crew have to avoid their previous selves or they could unravel their own timelines.

Director: Andrew Marshall

Starring: James Fleet, Ryan Sampson, Cassie Layton, Freddie Fox, Kevin Eldon, John Sessions.


Updated 19/05/2020

 Brassic –  Tommo’s wardrobe tips with Ryan Sampson (Warning, contains strong lanuage)… Updated 14/05/2020


Brassic’s Ryan Sampson reveals Tommo’s ‘repressed rage’leads to him ‘bumping someone off’ in season two. 

The hit Sky Comedy returned for its second season on Thursday, and once again follows Vinnie and his friends in the northern town of Hawley. 

*Spoilers ahead for season two of Brassic* 

 Full article at the Sun, follow this link https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/11577422/brassic-ryan-sampson-tommo-rage-death-season-two/


Braasic’s Ryan Sampson has revealed how Tommo’s ‘repressed rage’ leads to him ‘bumping someone off’ in season two Credit: Sky 

Ryan’s character Tommo is definitely the most kinky of the group – complete with his own sex dungeon – but the actor promises viewers will see a different side to him this time around. 

He said: “He’s still into all that kinky s**t! But I’ve brought out this new side of him because when you get with a character like this you can’t just play one side to him. 

“What I think emerges this time around is that he’s got this really angry, sort of repressed rage in him that every now and then flashes out a little bit in a kind of hilarious way. 

“So, comes out really bad on Carol’s gran, who he ends up bumping off and leaving on the side of the road!” 


The hit Sky Comedy returned for its second season on Thursday, and once again follows Vinnie and his friends in the northern town of Hawley Credit: © Sky UK Limited. 


 Ryan promises viewers will see a different side to kinky Tommo this time around

 Despite Tommo’s angry streak, Ryan insists Carol’s gran’s death was an accident.

He added: “He’s not gone all serial killer on you, it’s a bit of an accident! He gets a bit angry and something happens which leads to the death of Carol’s gran! 

 “I just thought we needed to have this edge to him.

“He’s this really aggressive businessman who will get there at all costs, and if he doesn’t get there, if there’s something in his way, then he’s likely to sort of explode verbally.”


Fans have binged season two and are full of praise for the episodesCredit: ©Sky UK Ltd 

 Meanwhile, many fans have binged the whole of season two after all the episodes dropped on Thursday, and were full of praise.

One wrote on Twitter: “2 episodes in and I think the new series of #Brassic is even better the first; the 2nd episode is just so dark but hilarious at the same time #Brassic2.” 

Another added: “Brassic series 2 is even better than the first. Pure TV gold. #Brassic.” 

A third agreed, writing: “the second episode of #brassic has it all: a musical number, a dead granny, a decapitation & eager beavers. i’m so glad this show is back.” 

 Brassic series one and two are available to watch on Sky Comedy now.

Updated 10/05/2020  


Plebs to end with a Feature Length Special…

...but no new series for ITV2’s ancient Roman sitcom

Plebs is to come to an end with a feature-length special 

The ITV2 sitcom will not be returning for a sixth series, its writer and director Sam Leifer has revealed.

He told The Sun: ‘After five series, we wanted to go out with a bang. So we’re sending the plebs off to join the army.

‘Unsurprisingly, they won’t cover themselves in glory or return as conquering heroes. 

Tom Rosenthal, Ryan Sampson and Jon Pointing will return for the episode, which Leifer co-wrote with Tom Basden, who also appears as slave Grumio. 

Leifer added: ‘Personally, I’m looking forward to watching Tom crawling on his hands and knees through the mud.’ 

Plebs launched in 2013 and has attracted a number of high-profile cameos including Tony Robinson, Amanda Holden, Danny Dyer, Aisling Bea, Nigel Lindsay and Christopher Biggins.

Makers Rise Films were due to film the feature-length episode this summer for broadcast in the autumn – but the lockdown means it might not make it to air until next year.

 Published: 30 Apr 2020

 ITV has announced the fall of Plebs‘ Roman Empire… just not quite yet.

Friday Night Dinner‘s Tom Rosenthal and Pls Like‘s Jonathan Pointing star in the ITV2 comedy series as would-be pub owners Marcus and Jason as they turn a public toilet into the empire’s hottest night spot. 

Plebs is fresh off its fifth series finishing in November 2019, and although co-producer Sam Leifer has told The Sun that there was potential for more, it has been decided that the sitcom will end 

ITV2 has commissioned a feature-length special to wrap up Marcus and Jason’s story, though it might not premiere until next year because the industry shutdown has delayed planned filming this summer. 


 “After five series, we wanted to go out with a bang. So we’re sending the plebs off to join the army,” Sam Leifer teased.

“Unsurprisingly, they won’t cover themselves in glory or return as conquering heroes. Personally, I’m looking forward to watching Tom crawling on his hands and knees through the mud.” 

There is no telling yet if Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden will be reprising her role as “lusty aristocrat” Rufina for the series-ending film, after she was last seen trying to make Jason her “plaything for the evening”. 


Throughout its run, Plebs has also boasted other impressive guest stars, including Silent Witness star Emilia Fox, stage legend Simon Callow, Blackadder‘s Sir Tony Robinson and EastEnders‘ Danny Dyer and Tracy Ann Oberman, Coronation Street cast member Maureen Lipman and stand-up comic Aisling Bea. 

Plebs originally premiered on ITV2 back in 2013, and went on to win the Royal Television Society Award for Best Scripted Comedy and earned Doon Mackichan a British Academy Television Award nomination in 2014.

The previously-mentioned Jonathan Pointing joined Plebs from its fourth series as a replacement for Joel Fry’s Stylax.

In other news, you can hear Ryan in:

The Quanderhorn Xperimentations… 

BBC Radio 4 Wednesday 13th May 2020 

07:30 to 08:00

Shoveleth in More Hazelnuts! Series 2, episode 2.

Brian, Guuuurk and Troy are arrested in Roman Britain and condemned to death for crimes against Interior Decoration – but a mahogany phallus may hold salvation for them.

Director: Andrew Marshall

Starring: James Fleet, Ryan Sampson, Cassie Layton, Freddie Fox, Kevin Eldon, John Sessions.

Updated 02/05/2020  

 At last everyone, Brassic 2 trailor, it’s looking good, enjoy.

 Updated 25/04/2020 

 Well the wait is nearly over for Brassic Series 2….

Brassic – Sky One

Thursday 7th May 2020

Time: 22:00 to 23:00

Tommo and Erin try to lure Vinnie out of hiding to assist them in their plan to fleece a travelling circus with the assistance of a disgruntled clown. Return of the comedy, starring Joe Gilgun.

(Digital Surround Sound, Widescreen,

New Series, Series 2, Episode 1

Starring: Joseph Gilgun, Ryan Sampson, Michelle Keegan, John Thomson.


Updated 19/04/2020  

 Hi everyone, if you can’t wait to see Ryan in Brassic sereis 2, you can at least hear him on BBC Radio 4 in ……

The Quanderhorn Xperimentations

Wednesday 29th April 2020, 18:30 to 19:00 

Killdiboos and Universibold Explodibangbang.

Series 2, episode 1. 

Professor Quanderhorn and his trepid crew try to save the world from the end of reality after a time loop he created renders them permanently in the year 1952. Comedy, starring James Fleet.

Director: Andrew Marshall

Starring: James Fleet, Ryan Sampson, Cassie Layton, Freddie Fox, Kevin Eldon, John Sessions


Updated 12/04/2020 

 Hi all you Brassic fans, unconfirmed reports of Brassic Screen date might be (we did say might be) May 7th 2020, soon as we know more we will keep you updated.


Updated 28/03/2020

 Are you tired of waiting for Series 2 of Brassic, then fear not Ryan fans, you can catch Seires one as it’s being repeated on Sky One Channel (221), starting…..

Thursday 9th April 2020 Time: 22:30 to 23:30

After a day involving a cross-country car chase, a Shetland pony, a jar of chloroform and a pigeon named Nigel, Vinnie and his crew become tangled up with a local crime boss who sets out to make an example of them. Comedy about a group of working-class friends finding unconventional ways to win at life in northern suburbia, starring Joe Gilgun and Michelle Keegan.

(Audio Described, Digital Surround Sound, Widescreen, Repeat, Subtitles, Series 1, Episode 1)

Starring: Joseph Gilgun, Michelle Keegan, Damien Molony, Tom Hanson, Aaron Heffernan, Ryan Sampson


Updated 26/03/2020 

 Great news all you Plebs Fans….. but be aware the current situation with the Coronavirus could impact on dates…

Plebs to return to ITV2

Plebs. Image shows from L to R: Marcus (Tom Rosenthal), Jason (Jon Pointing), Grumio (Ryan Sampson). Copyright: RISE Films.

 Sitcom Plebs is to return to television.

The Ancient Rome-set comedy is likely to be on air in the Autumn, with Tom RosenthalRyan Sampson and Jon Pointing all expected to return.

Written by Sam Leifer – who also directs – and Tom Basden, who appears as ‘Water Boy’ Aurelius, British Comedy Guide has learned that filming will commence in May.

ITV has declined to comment, and it is not yet known how many new episodes may be on the way.

Supporting stars include Maureen LipmanKarl Theobald and Ellie Taylor, plus a range of big-name guest stars in each episode.

The comedy focuses on a trio of very average 20-somethings living in the ancient metropolis: Marcus (Rosenthal); his argumentative slave, Grumio (Sampson); and friend and flatmate, Jason (Pointing).

Largely clueless and always losers, the three attempt to find girlfriends and make money – preferably without doing any work at all. The most recent series have seen the friends running a bar, the Crown & Toga, in a converted public latrine.

Guest stars in the fifth series, which aired between September and November 2019, included Kevin BishopTony RobinsonTracy-Ann ObermanPippa Haywood and Christopher Biggins.

ITV declined to comment when approached. Details about the comedy’s return are expected to be announced later in the Spring.

The first five series are available to own on DVD.

Updated 16/03/2020  

Updated 26/02/2020 


Update on the Brassic 2 Trailer.  Updated 26/02/2020

  It’s nearly here folks….

Christmas has officially arrived early as not only has the Brassic series two trailer arrived, but the comedy-drama has also been confirmed for series three. How’s that for good news? The hit Sky show from Misfit’s Joseph Gilgun and Bafta-winning writer Danny Brocklehurst will be returning for another chapter after series two airs in May, meaning we’ve got a whole load more to see of Vinnie, the gang and their hilarious antics. ‘I’m so grateful to everyone involved in the making of Brassic season one and two, they’re some of the kindest and most resilient people I’ve had the pleasure of working with,’ Gilgun said of the news. ‘Each and every one of them friends.


 He continued: ‘Also the public played a huge role, it’s very relieving to know your life story isn’t incredibly boring. I want to thank my close friends and colleagues and the creative team; David Livingstone, Danny Brocklehurst, Emily Bray and Dave Quayle. ‘As for Sky, I couldn’t imagine making it with any other channel. Big loves Monty and Bennett!’ Meanwhile, Brocklehurst added: ‘I couldn’t be more thrilled to be doing a third series of Brassic, the response to series one was overwhelming as people took our gang of potty-mouthed misfits to their heart.

 Sky has been truly amazing in its love and support and I can’t thank them enough for allowing us to go again.’ The second series of Brassic looks to be twice as funny as its predecessor, with Vinnie going undercover after faking his own death – albeit, badly. Of course, there are major setbacks too, with the professional thieves facing threats for owing £10,000 in cash with just days to pay it all back. Brassic returns to Sky and NOW TV in May

 Here’s a little snipit…. Brassic 2 

 Updated 13/02/2020  

 Hulu Buys Sky Comedy Drama “Brassic”.


Hulu has acquired Sky Comedy drama Brassic, while Acorn TV has picked up BBC’s Julia Ormond-fronted drama Gold Digger.

Both deals were unveiled by ITV Studios at NATPE.

Brassic stars This Is England’s Joe Gilgun, Ripper Street’s Damien Molony and Out Girl’s Michelle Keegan as well as Dominic West. Gilgun plays Vinnie, a man from the north of Englad with bipolar disorder and his best mate Dylan, played by Molony, whose girlfriend Erin, played by Keegan decides to leave town, Dylan is faced with the impossible decision between a fresh start with the love of his life or staying behind with his inseparable gang of mates that he can’t live without.

Read the article here… “Hulu Buys Sky Comedy Drama ‘Brassic'” 

Updated 24/01/2020  

 For anyone who missed Ryan in Horrible Hostories, then fear not, you can see him once again……

Horrible Histories. CBBC HD Time 19:05 Friday 31st January 2020

Terrible Tudors Special. Series 7, episode 15.

A Terrible Tudors special, featuring a never before seen sketch with the Murderous Medicis, hilarious outtakes, and a special one-off written by a CBBC competition winner.

Director: Steve Connelly

Starring: Gemma Whelan, Tom Stourton, Ryan Sampson, Steve Connelly, Ian Curtis, Tom Miller


Updated 23/01/2020  

 Hi All, for anyone wanting to check out some of the old News on here we have moved it all (Pre Jan 2019) to the Archives page, either CLICK HERE FOR ARCHIVE PAGE or the Archive tab on your left.

Updated 17/01/2020  

 Hi everyone and a warm welcome to 2020, we have a little news on what Ryan has been up to, some of you will already know he has finished filming a second series of BRASSIC, and we have also had confirmation from the man himself he has also been working on the Second Radio series of…

The Quanderhorn Xperimentations

Air date on BBC Radio 4 yet to be confirmed 


Updated 14/01/2020 

 We would like to take this opportunity to wish Ryan Sampson and all his fans a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, from the Website Admins……


Safety First, here we can see Ryan wearing his correct PPE, Brassic Series 2 


 Updated 09/12/19 

We at The Ryan Sampson Website would like to wish Ryan a Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY, All the Best for November 28th,

From The Admins… X 


 Updated 28/11/19

 Here’s your chance to WIN and DVD Copy of Plebs Series 5, just follow this link to enter this fantastic competition..

“Win a copy of Plebs Series 5 on DVD” 


 WHEN IN Rome, de de de…do as the Romans do! Here come the Romans in the hilarious comedy Plebs, which returns for its fifth series on ITV2 before marching on to DVD alongside Plebs Series 1 – 5 DVD Box Set on 9th December 2019 courtesy of Acorn Media International.

Plebs follows the lives of three hapless young men from the suburbs as they try to get laid, hold down jobs and climb the social ladder in the big city…of Rome in 23BC. Penned by Sam Leifer (How Not to Live Your Life) and Tom Basden (Fresh Meat) and starring Tom Rosenthal (Friday Night Dinner), Ryan Sampson (Brassic) and Jonathan Pointing (London Kills) alongside a stellar cast and inspired guest stars.

Series five sees Amanda Holden (Wild at Heart) feature as lusty aristocrat Rufina who takes a liking to Jason (Pointing) when he gate-crashes a banquet…and he doesn’t seem to mind too much. Marcus (Rosenthal), Aurelius the water-boy man (Basden) and lazy slave Grumio (Sampson) are still trying to turn the Crown and Toga into the trendiest nightspot in the city, even if it means getting in with a rowdy bunch of sports hooligans including Leo Gregory (Green Street Hooligans).

Developing schemes and side-hustles aplenty, the gang are joined on their adventures by Emilia Fox (Delicious) who guest stars as a detective and Tony Robinson (Blackadder Goes Forth) who, of course, plays an archaeologist. Returning characters include series favourites Landlady (Maureen Lipman – Coronation Street), Landlord (Karl Theobald – GameFace), Sylvia (Samantha Spiro – Sex Education) and Lepidus (Danny Webb – Humans).

With Marcus wooing Gloria (Ellie Taylor – The Mash Report) who runs the laundrette next door, Jason and Aurelius trying their luck at a male escort agency, and Grumio inventing the first hands-free parasol: The Grumbrella, you know you’re in for a right Roman riot.

For your chance to win- just answer the following question: 

Which show is Tom Rosenthal also known for?

A: Friday Night Dinner

B: Fresh Meat

C: Brassic

Closing Date : 25th December 2019

Updated 26/11/19  

 Hi everyone, a bit of Plebs DVD update, it’s release date has been put back, this is what we received recently…. 

Unfortunately, the release date for the item(s) listed below was changed by the supplier, and we need to provide you with a new estimated delivery date based on the new release date:

  “Plebs – Series 5 [DVD]”
    Estimated arrival date: December 14 2019


Updated 13/11/19 

Well folks the sad news is Plebs Series Five is coming to a close, Last Episode Monday November 11th, enjoy it while you can….. but fear not, don’t forget this wonderful series is out on DVD December 2nd 2019… “Plebs 5 DVD”

“Episode 8, The Wedding” 

Jason’s brother Darius is getting married and Marcus desperatley wants to hire out the Crown and Toga for the occasion, while Grumio offers his services as wedding planner, But thier plans are threatened when they find out that Darius is a serial jilter. Elsewhere, Marcus clashes with their lazy postman. 


Updated 07/11/19

 Starring Ryan Sampson and Harriet Webb, each episode of the series introduces us to two different characters, waiting for a big moment in their lives. From ambitious ice cream van owners through to a dominatrix and her client, the tension of each episode builds to a climax.  

They say that good things come to those who wait. They’re wrong. This series of comedy shorts show exactly what can happen when you’re patiently waiting for your big moment to happen.

Comedy Central (Online) comedy by Ryan Sampson. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2019. Stars Ryan Sampson and Harriet Webb.


Just Follow these links link to watch on line…

Series 1, Episode 1 – Dungeon

Mistress Irena, a professional dominatrix, has slipped a disk in her back – leaving Tim, her submissive, stuck in a compromising position. Will anyone arrive in time to help them out of their sticky situation?


“Series 1, Episode 2 – Gum” 

While waiting for the arrival of their Nan, Ross gets a common catch phrase wrong, much to the amusement of his sister Kerry. Not very appropriate behaviour for the sombre situation they find themselves in…


 “Series 1, Episode 3 – Cupboard”

Phil and Phil hide in the same cupboard at the surprise birthday party of their friend Julia. When Julia arrives, she discovers a cake baked by one of the Phil’s – is the jig up?


 “Series 1, Episode 4 – Ice Cream”

Waiting for customers in their roadside ice cream van, Kirsty and Dean discuss business strategy. Together they come up with a new jingle with the hope of attracting a younger demographic.


 “Series 1, Episode 5 – Conservatory”

John and Jen find themselves sitting in John’s conservatory, nervously awaiting the arrival of guests to a very special party.


 “Series 1, Episode 6 – Eurovision”

Simon and Claire prepare to compete at the annual Eurovision song contest. While waiting backstage, Simon reveals a secret he’s been hiding from Kirsty.


Updated 04/11/19 

Ryan Sampson, star of Plebs and Up The Women, has written this ten part scripted series for Comedy Central in which two characters are stuck waiting in various different scenarios.

Looks like this filming in in progress… If you follow Ryan on Instagramm you may have seen these already


Updated 02/11/19  

Plebs Series 5, Episode 7, screen date, Monday Novenber 4th.

“The New Flat” 

The boys face uncertainty when Landlord evicts them without notice from their flat. Marcus hopes his parents, who are visiting for the weekend, will help him onto the property ladder. But his dad has other plans for their savings. Jason’s smooth-talking lands him a cushy job as an estate agent.


Updated 26/10/19 

 Plebs Series 5, Episode 6, screen date, Monday October 28th,

“The Dig” 

The boys begin an archaeological dig in their bar after Grumio unearths an old brooch while sitting on the toilet. They try to keep their activity a secret but others cotton on and when a professor of archaeology goes missing, the boys are brought in for questioning as they paid him a recent visit. Guest starring Tony Robinson. (Pictured here).


Updated 18/10/19  

 Plebs Series 5, Episode 5, screen date, Monday October 21st, “The Holligans“, The boys attempt to infiltrate a local firm of chariot hooligans in order to get some big drinkers into their bar. Grumio is soon welcomed into the fold by Paulus, head honcho of the Green Army, but Marcus falls out with Gloria, whose shop front keeps getting smashed up by their new clientele.


Updated 13/10/19

 Fear not all you Plebs fans….. Sereis 5 is due for release December 2nd 2019, other DVD outlets are available, just follow this link to Amazon “Plebs 5 DVD”


Updated 13/10/19  

MIPCOM: Sky Comedy ‘Brassic’ Sells to France, Australia 

10/10/2019 by Scott Roxborough 

ITV Studios Global Entertainment ‘Brassic’

ITV Studios Global Entertainment racked up sales in five major

territories for the working-cladd laffer from ‘Misfits’ star Joe Gilgun and ‘shameless’ writer Danny Brocklehurst.

Comedy can be a tough sell internationally, but Sky has landed the punchline for its British laffer Brassic, which has been picked up by several major territories ahead of international television market MIPCOM next week.

France’s Canal+, ABC in Australia, Canadian public broadcaster the CBC, New Zealand’s Rialto and Comunidad Film in Spain all jumped on the working-class comedy, created by Misfits actor Joe Gilgun and Shameless writer Danny Brocklehurst. ITV Studios Global Entertainment is selling the series worldwide.

Produced by Calamity Films, whose feature output includes awards contender JudyBrassic follows a group of British working-class friends dealing with mental health issues, crime and punishment and the day-to-day scramble to survive.

The first season of Brassic bowed on Sky in the U.K. in August. It’s premiere episode drew a seven-day cumulative audience of 1.65 million, making it Sky’s biggest original comedy series launch since 2012. Sky has already ordered a second season.

Gilgun stars in the series alongside Michelle Keegan, Damien Molony, Aaron Heffernan, Parth Thakerar, Ruth Sheen and Ryan Sampson. 

Updated 12/10/19

About to take his HGV licence or maybe just sitting on the fence, either way, it’s as how Ryan says “b r a s s i c”, filming Series 2, somewhere in England, we presume…


Updated 08/10/19  

 Plebs Series 5, Episode 4, Screen date Monday October 14th at 10:00pm UK ITV2.

The Grumbrella

There’s a heatwave in Rome and Marcus has invested in an exciting new gimmick for the bar – ice. Grumio develops an innovation of his own in the form of a hat-parasol hybrid, which attracts the attention of wealthy entrepreneur Severus. Jason and Aurelius both join male escort agency the Knights of Eros.


Updated 06/10/19 

 Update for all you Plebs fans, Monday October 7th, Series 5, Episode 3,

The Banquet. Series 5, episode 3.

The boys gatecrash a posh banquet having received an invitation by mistake. Once there, Marcus attempts to win favour with their host Senator Varus, while Jason seduces bored aristocrat Rufina. Banished to eat with the other slaves, Grumio overhears what he thinks might be a poison plot. Guest starring Amanda Holden, Tracy-Ann Oberman and David Calder.


Updated 29/09/19  

 Just a reminder… Plebs Series 5 Monday ITV2 from 10:00pm UK TV….

Well we hope you all have your popcorn, beer, wine etc on standy for Plebs 5, Monday September 30th at 10:00pm to 10:30pm UK ITV2. the first episode is:

The Vineyard. Series 5, episode 1.

The boys set off on a wine-buying trip to Tuscany, but when their cart has a collision on the road they are forced to pull in to a nearby village. Return of the comedy, with Tom Rosenthal, Ryan Sampson and Jonathan Pointing.

Director: Sam Leifer

Starring: Tom Rosenthal, Ryan Sampson, Jonathan Pointing, Tamla Kari, Nigel Lindsay, Paola Dionisotti

Then straight after at 10:30pm to 11:00pm we have episode 2:

The P**dos. Series 5, episode 2.

Marcus offers to tutor Gloria’s teenage son Barney, while Grumio is mistaken for a schoolboy and soon finds himself recruited into the under-14s boxing team.

(New Series, Widescreen, Subtitles, High Definition, 2013, 4 Star)

Director: Sam Leifer

Starring: Tom Rosenthal, Ryan Sampson, Jonathan Pointing, Tom Basden, Ellie Taylor, Pippa Haywood


Updated 28/09/19 

Here’s another Plebs 5 Trailer, it’s looking good already…

 And one more with a little extra bits..

 Updated 24/09/19 

 A phew shots of Ryan from his Instagram page, as he says

“a man in a tracksuit in a bedroom in a warehouse in a studio. #brassic” 


And again “Dream Bois” someone will know what he is on about.. ! 


Updated 23/09/19 

Well we hope you all have your popcorn, beer, wine etc on standy for Plebs 5, Monday September 30th at 10:00pm to 10:30pm UK ITV2. the first episode is:

The Vineyard. Series 5, episode 1.

The boys set off on a wine-buying trip to Tuscany, but when their cart has a collision on the road they are forced to pull in to a nearby village. Return of the comedy, with Tom Rosenthal, Ryan Sampson and Jonathan Pointing.

Director: Sam Leifer

Starring: Tom Rosenthal, Ryan Sampson, Jonathan Pointing, Tamla Kari, Nigel Lindsay, Paola Dionisotti

Then straight after at 10:30pm to 11:00pm we have episode 2:

The P**dos. Series 5, episode 2.

Marcus offers to tutor Gloria’s teenage son Barney, while Grumio is mistaken for a schoolboy and soon finds himself recruited into the under-14s boxing team.

(New Series, Widescreen, Subtitles, High Definition, 2013, 4 Star)

Director: Sam Leifer

Starring: Tom Rosenthal, Ryan Sampson, Jonathan Pointing, Tom Basden, Ellie Taylor, Pippa Haywood


Updated 22/09/19  

It’s official…..

ITV2 Sets Premiere Date For ‘Plebs’ Season 5

NewsUK News



The fifth season of Plebs will premiere on ITV2 on Monday September 30th at 10pm with a double-bill, it has been announced

Created by Sam Leifer and Tom Basden, Plebs is set in Ancient Rome and follows three under achievers, all of whom are on a desperate quest to live the ‘when in Rome’ mantra to the full in the empire’s most exciting city. The comedy series is produced by Rise Films and stars Tom Rosenthal, Ryan Sampson, Tom Basden, Ellie Taylor, Maureen Lipman, Karl Theobald, Samantha Spiro and Danny Webb.

As TVWise previously reported, Amanda Holden is joining the cast for season five. She plays Rufina, a lusty aristocrat at a banquet, who sets her sights on Jason, the gatecrashing pleb, making him her plaything for the evening. Guest stars for season five include Emilia Fox, Tony Robinson, John Thomson, Tracy Ann Oberman, Kevin Bishop, Leo Gregory, Nigel Lindsay and Phil Davis. Teddy Leifer is the series producer, while Sam Leifer is directing. Caroline Leddy is the executive producer.

TVWise’s UK Premiere Dates page has been updated with this new information.

Link to this article… “TVWise” 

Updated 18/09/19 

 Ryan on the set of filming for Brassic Series Two, can’t wait, and don’t forgey everyone, Brassic Series One DVD is released September 30th from the usual DVD outlets…


Updated 15/09/19  

Well done Brassic… with links below…


 “Series 2 news”

 “Joe Gilgun interview”

Updated 10/09/19 

 While all the cast of Brassic are now filming series two, you can pre-order series one, Amazon are already showing a release date of September 30th (there are other suppliers), just follow this link… “Brassic Series One”


Updated 27/08/19

Hope you all manged to watch Ryan on Sunday Brunch, promoting Brassic and Plebs 5, if you missed it he confirmed the UK air date will be September 30th, another one to watch out for

Updated 25/08/19

Set your alarm clock folks, Ryan is on Sunday Brunch UK Channel4 9.30am, will he be cooking, drinking eating or maybe all three, have to watch it to find out, by the way that’s Ryan botton left…


Updated 23/08/19 

NEWS….& Plebs News……As Mr Ryan Sampson says on his Instagram page….

“First ever spray tan for new job. Naked & afraid in dinnerlady hat.”


And for all you Plebs fans….. Standby, it won’t belong now, see trailer….. This September ITV2….

Updated 22/08/19

Manchester Screening Of Sky Original, ‘Brassic’ At The Manchester Printworks Vue…


Updated 21/08/19 

Only one week to go until Brassic is shown in the UK on Sky One, here’s just one article….


 And as Ryan says on his Instagram “Tube carriage creep”, what is he like.


Updated 15/08/19  

 Here’s some more Brassic news – interviews… 

From ‘This Is England’ to ‘Preacher’ Joe Gilgun has always kept it real and relatable in the characters he has portrayed. Now, co-creator and star of the new Sky One comedy ‘Brassic’, Gilgun goes grassroots in the depths of Northern England with edgy hilarity.

The 6 episode Sky Original series will spearhead comedy at Sky sees Gilgun team up with BAFTA award-winning writer, Danny Brocklehurst to deliver an authentic, challenging and razor-sharp show. The series focuses on a group of working-class friends finding unconventional ways to win at life in northern suburbia. What lay at the very heart of the series is irreplaceable, lifelong friends, loyalty and the things that come between them.

What the show aims to deliver is not just first-class comedy which is outrageous every step of the way but a look at how the forgotten working-class people have to deal with day in and day out. Struggling to make ends meet, a few cheeky, not quite lawful high jinks provide not just a few extra pounds but a bit of excitement to their otherwise humdrum life, but these working-class petty criminals have calamity in their soul and big enough hearts to endear them to the hardest of hearts.

The brain-child of Gilgun, the show is somewhat of a semi-autobiographical tale and the person we have to thank for the show emerging out of Gilgun’s intensely genius mind and coming to fruition is Dominic West. At a Q and A for the series, Gilgun revealed in a bluntly honest and extremely colourful speech exactly how West was involved in getting the story off the ground.

“Because of my bipolar, I do go through a lot of different symptoms, around the time I was filming Pride I started suffering from really quite chronic anxiety. It was f****** crazy, I had never felt anything like it before. I was pretty much convinced I had a sinus infection or something like that; I had this doctor come round. It said listen, the bottom line is you having a f****** meltdown, and you’re terrified of everything. He diagnosed it as general anxiety disorder. At this time I was talking a lot with Dominic West, I’m hanging out with him, we’re a bizarre pair up me and him but we do seem to get on for some reason. I was on this f****** balcony smoking dope and he had brought this geezer round from the Cirque De Soleil and a f****** 2-litre bottle of Evian full of IPA. So wherever they had been they had been out on the piss, they come back and we had a bit of a chat. I’m telling them about these stories, and he said just listen this is pointless, he went you can’t just be telling yarns like this on a f****** balcony. He said I need to introduce you to David Livingston…”


Who’s in the show?

Joe Gilgun plays Vincent, a Lancashire lad with bipolar disorder. Vincent is at the heart of every little deal that takes place and eventually goes wrong but one thing’s for certain, even though he always takes his mates down with him, his friends are his family.

Ripper Street’s Damian Morley plays Vincent’s best mate, Dylan. Inseparable and totally co-dependent on Vincent his arm is easily twisted. Dylan is faced with the impossible decision between a fresh start with the love of his life or staying behind with his inseparable gang of mates that he can’t live without.

Our Girl’s Michelle Keegan plays Erin, the long-suffering girlfriend of Dylan. The sensible one, who wants to start a new life with Dylan and her son Tyler away from the town and away from Dylan’s troublesome mates.

On her first reaction to reading the script, Keegan knew she wanted to be a part of it “I remember laughing out loud and halfway through the script I knew it was something I wanted to be part of straight away. I have never done a comedy before as well, so for me; it was a yes straight away”.

The rest of the gang are made up of Tom Hanson who plays Cardi, champion kebab eater and total liability and doesn’t go anywhere without his pet pigeon.

Aaron Heffernan as Ash, the son of a family of fighting Travellers whose fists can get them out of most kinds of trouble;

Ryan Sampson as Tommo, the most sexually liberated man in Britain who doesn’t care what people think;. Ryan on why he loved his character said “The breakdown for it said Tommo a pervert, I thought to myself, great I don’t need to do any research. I love playing a character, especially small men who overcompensate by doing a lot of squats. They have a massive bum, I thought he has a right powerful bum on him”

Parth Thakerar plays JJ, a sharp entrepreneur who runs a garage (with a lucrative sideline in stolen cars).


The Setting

One of the most important issues of the series is the actual setting and the people who make up the show. For both the writer, Danny Brocklehurst and Gilgun it was important to portray the working-class people from the forgotten towns of England in a way that is very rarely seen, in the light of truth.

“I’ve written quite a bit of stuff in my career about working-class characters and particularly in the north where I live” Brocklehurst said. “When we were talking about this, I think one of the things we sort of thought, there is a line in the show about this that there is a lot of forgotten towns in the country or just little towns that people just haven’t left or they’ve made their own kind of rules. I think that’s an important thing to show, it’s a place where a lot of people live and a world, not this extreme, but there is a sort of recognisability to some of Brassic. Certainly, where I am from there are hints of this”.

Well, Chorley – which we have imaginatively renamed as Hawley – It’s an ex-milling town, so it doesn’t know what the f*** it is now. Unless you’ve got a burning ambition to work at B&Q you need to get out really, that’s why I’m here, and we’re not in Chorley as there is nothing really there” Gilgun added. “F****** load of roundabouts, they do well for that. The one thing that was important to me and to Dan and the rest of the creative team. When the working classes are portrayed they often show how f****** miserable they are. It’s just not true; some of the happiest people I’ve met have got fuck all. Some of the most intelligent men and women I’ve ever met are working-class men and women who have read their way out of the grime and the bloody grind they are in. It’s an unapologetic disposition, a commentary on the working-classes particularly the town I come from Chorley. Because there aren’t any opportunities and because there isn’t an awful lot to do, it breeds these unbelievable bizarre people”.

Brassic will premiere on Sky One and NOW TV with all episodes available from the 22 August.

Updated 08/08/19  

Now you would thin Ryan was Pony Trekking, but no it’s the Premier Launch night for Brassic… as he says “Just rolling in on my pony minding my own business hbu #brassic”.


Updated 02/08/19  

As Ryan says in Instagram “Tommo – sexual sadist, chain smoker, white denim wearer. BRASSIC – starts 22nd August”, @skyone

Here’s a few photos Ryan posted, it’s looking good..


 Updated 15/07/19 

So nice to see Ryan back on Instagram, as he says “An exquisite, tasteful ornament from my co-star to celebrate our 5 years together. In which we both look like children and old men, simultaneously. #loveislove


Updated 12/07/19  

 Yes folks it’s nearly here, what you all ask, the Screen date for Brassic on Sky one, here’s a little teaser trailor, air date for ALL EPISODES AUGUST 22nd…..Updated 07/07/19 

More Plebs Sereis Five news…. Read on..

The Britain’s Got Talent judge is taking a trip back in time to Ancient RomePlebs_Amanda Holden

 By Eleanor Bley Griffiths 

Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden has joined the cast of Ancient Roman comedy Plebs, guest starring as a “lusty” aristocrat called Rufina.

 As filming for series five kicks off in Bulgaria, ITV2 has announced a line-up of guest stars including Silent Witness actress Emilia Fox and Blackadder’s Tony Robinson, as well as Tracy Ann Oberman, John Thomson, Kevin Bishop, Leo Gregory, Nigel Lindsay and Phil Davis. 

Updated 27/05/19  

 Ryan up to his usual antics..


As he says “McKeever 4eever” 


And the quote from From Ryan on this one “Boys don’t make passes at boys who wear (Faye;s) glasses”


Updated 27/05/19 

Just for fun…

Teresa May (UK Priminister) has announced she is to stand down on June 7th as PM, what would it be like if Grumio were to run for Priminister, and what would his top ten polices be?


 Also some more Plebs News, thanks for Tom Rosenthal @rosentweets for sharing these photos on Twitter, loking good so far…


 Updated 24/05/19  

Plebs news….. Read on….

© Amanda Holden/Instagram

Amanda Holden joins Plebs

With Tracey Anne Oberman

Amanda Holden and Tracy Anne Oberman have joined the cast of Plebs.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge posted a photograph of herself in ancient Roman costume to her million Instagram followers today.

It was taken on the Bulgarian set where the fifth series of the ITV2 comedy is currently being filmed.

And in another image she posed with EastEnders and Friday Night Dinner star Oberman, stating that they were filming the ‘epic’ comedy together

Plebs, starring Tom Rosenthal, Jonathan Pointing and Ryan Sampson, is expected to sometime later this year.

Oberman later tweeted a video of them both doing a Tatu tribute, in costume:

So .:you’re on a TV set- it’s Ancient Rome – you have a 15 minute break -you’re with one of your BFF’s – only one thing to do-make a #Tatu tribute popus videoamus.

And an album cover. Enjoy. It’s not all #Trolled and #Politics pic.twitter.com/rs6MCeCDVL

– Tracy Ann Oberman (@TracyAnnO) May 20, 2019

Published: 20 May 2019

Updated 21/05/19 

So .:you’re on a TV set- it’s Ancient Rome – you have a 15 minute break -you’re with one of your BFF’s – only one thing to do-make a #Tatu tribute popus videoamus.

And an album cover. Enjoy. It’s not all #Trolled and #Politics pic.twitter.com/rs6MCeCDVL

– Tracy Ann Oberman (@TracyAnnO) May 20, 2019

Published: 20 May 2019

Updated 21/05/19 

 Hi folks, here’s another site to a good Brassic insight, just follow this link.. 

 “Brassic First Look New Sky Trailer And ITV Studios Promo Art”


Updated 13/05/19 

This short Brassic trailer saves you logging into your Sky account, just follow this link… enjoy…

“Brassic Trailer” 


Updated 10/05/19  

Photo here shows Ryan Sampson as part of the “Diane Chorley – Chatting with Chorley”, as Diane says “I’m so in love with all my guests and the audience from last night.You were all just so wonderful! What I’m not fond of is the picture coz I like a wizard from a Terry Pratchett book cover !??????


Updated 09/05/19 

 Hi everyone, for those of you who have been hiding under a rock, a vist into outer space or on holiday the last few months there here’s a little Brassic trailer link but to view it you must log into your SKY account, it’s ashort clip but gives us a little insight of what we are in for with the talented Ryan Sampson..

“Brassic – Sky One Trailer” 


Updated 07/05/19

 As Ryan says….. INSTAGRAM…..

“Promo photo for never released 90s sitcom ‘Just A Bunch Of Fun Guys”


Updated 21/04/19 

Accidentally Regal, a night out with Ryan….


Updated 13/04/19  

 Is anyone in London May 8th and you want to see Ryan Sampson in a chat show, well you can, pop along to this website for tickets… “Soho Theatre Tickets”

 Dianechorley….We are delighted to announce our first guest for Chatting With Chorley on the 8th of May, the bleeding gorgeous @mrryansampsonstar of Comedy series @officialplebscomedy and loads of other stuff you love. Get your tickets @sohotheatre now (and link in the bio)


Instagram link “Dianechorley” 

Updated 11/04/19 

 When in Rome, OK maybe not Rome but in his bed, Mr Sampson relexing… as he says…. 

“After a mental week, I’m six pieces of toast, five cups of tea and half a series of grand designs into today and frankly it doesn’t look like changing any time soon.” 


Updated 08/04/19

 Ryan really knows how to party… As he says…. 


Birthday babe @hazwebb @bongosbingo


 And again “@mrryansampsonAbsolute nonsense @bongosbingo last night”


Updated 30/03/19

 How to Ballance an Egg, by Ryan Sampson (while there is a strange bird in the background)… Instagram


 Updated 19/03/19 

As we approach April we’ll ensure to update the list as and when it is relevant. For those now in the know, Netflix commonly lists titles as scheduled to leave when the title is within a 30 day period of doing so. You’ll have to be patient as we won’t have the full extensive list until the 31st of March and April 1st.

We have one popular title already listed for removal, the hilarious roman-comedy Plebs by ITV. The Plebs of ancient Rome was seen as the free people of Rome and citizens who were not Patricians but these Plebs are damn right stupid. The young men of suburban Rome try their luck with the ladies, struggle to hold down a job and climb the social ladder all the while living in ancient Rome.


Updated 16/03/19

 As Ryan says…… Well said sir….


Updated 21/02/19  

 This time it’s best to let Ryan describe his holiday experience all for himself….. Instagram quote… “Total Shithole” 


Updated 17/02/19 

 Here is the man himself, looking rather buff, any more buff and you would have to look away….


 As the man says himself “It’s not juice, it’s a urine sample. Passing a lot of blood lately, pray for me.”

More News…

CBBC Renews ‘Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed’ For Second Season

latest series featuring Dennis The Menace, Dennis & Gnasher: Unleased, for a second season. Fifty-two episode have been ordered for the show’s second season. 

“Dennis and Gnasher continue to be two of our best loved characters and their ardent fans will be delighted to see this rambunctious series return to CBBC”, said Cheryl Taylor, Head of Content for BBC Children’s. 

The series hails from Beano Studios and features the voices of Freddie Fox (King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Pride) as Dennis, Ryan Sampson (Plebs, After You’ve Gone) as Pieface, Rasmus Hardiker (Your Highness, Thunderbirds Are Go) as Walter, Kathryn Drysdale (St. Trinians, Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps) as JJ, and Kelly Marie Stewart (Hollyoaks) as Rubi.sibl adventurous friends Rubi, JJ, Pieface and his pet potato Paul 

Following the show’s successful launch on CBBC, international distributor Jetpack Distribution has licensed Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed to Super RTL in German, SIC in Portugal, YLE in Finland, HSCC 8 in Israel, ABC in Australia, Emirates Cable in the United Arab Emirates, Rai in Italy, VTMKids in Belgium, TV Derana in Sri Lanka, TVNZ in New Zealand, ClanTVE in Spain, Barnkanalen SVT, in Sweden, France Televisions in France and RTE in Ireland

“We’re really excited to be working on the second series of Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed! and look forward to sharing more adventures from TV’s most notorious cheeky duo”, said Emma Scott, CEO of Beano Studios. “It’s great to see that the Beano characters resonate with today’s young audiences globally. We hope that the new series with Dennis and his gang will empower and encourage everyday rebellion, unlimited imagination and big laughs for kids everywhere.”


Updated 13/02/19


If you didn’t know already, Ryan Sampson is starring in a Sky Production called “Brassic”, follow this “BRASSIC LINK” to the news article or just read on below…..  

Brassic on Sky air date, cast, trailer, plot: When is Brassic out?

BRASSIC coming to Sky this year but when is Brassic out? Here’s everything you need to know including release date, cast, trailer, plot and more.

 Brassic is the brand new comedy series coming to Sky One in summer 2019. The six-part series is a northern comedy and stars Our Girl’s Michael Keegan and This is England actor Joe Gilgun. Read on to find out more about Brassic on Sky One.

 When is Brassic out on Sky?

 An official release date for Brassic has not been confirmed by Sky One.

However, Sky has confirmed it will be 2019 and it is very likely that it will premiere closer to summer.

Filming only began in September 2018 and wrapped up at the end of last year.

There will be six episodes in Brassic which will air on Sky One and NOW TV.

Who stars in Brassic on Sky?

This is England actor, Joe Gilgun is the show’s co-creator and stars as Vinnie, a man from northern England with bipolar disorder.

Gilgun said: “I’m truly humbled by the opportunity. We’ve got an amazing team of creators and watching it all take form has been very moving.

“Bipolar is a big part of my life. We want to show that you can have mental health issues and in some cases live a productive, exciting life, full of adventure.

“Our writer Danny Brocklehurst and my friend David Quayle have been invaluable in taking this journey with me. Embrace who you are, decide what to be and go be it.”

Ripper Street’s Damien Molony plays Vinnie’s best friend, Dylan who is torn between staying at home or moving on with his life.

Our Girl’s Michelle Keegan stars as Dylan’s girlfriend, Erin who is moving away from the town.

Tom Hanson, Aaron Heffernan, Ryan Sampson, Parth Thakerar play Cardi, Ash, Tommo and JJ respectively, Dylan and Vinnie’s childhood friends.

Doc Martin star Ruth Green features in Brassic alongside comedian Tim Key.

What is Brassic on Sky One about?

Brassic is a comedy series centring around Vinnie (played by Joe Gilgun), and life in his 20s with bipolar disorder.

The series is written and created by Joe Gigue and Shameless writer, Danny Brocklehurst.

Brocklehurst said; “I couldn’t be more thrilled to be making Brassic with Sky One.

“This is a passion project for Joe and myself and we have collaborated every step of the way to create an outrageous, funny, stylistically bold show that brings to life a rarely seen northern working-class world.

“This is a big-hearted show about life at the sharp end of modern Britain.”

The official Sky synopsis reads: “Brassic: Broke, penniless, without means, boracic lint – skint, on the bones of yer a***.

“Vinnie a Lancashire lad with bipolar disorder, and Dylan (Damien Molony), his razor-smart best mate, are inseparable and utterly co-dependant.

“They’ve hardly spent a day apart since birth. But Dylan’s girlfriend Erin (Michelle Keegan) might just shake things up for good with her plans to leave town and start a new life for herself and her kid, Tyler.

“Dylan is faced with the impossible decision between a fresh start with the love of his life or staying behind with his inseparable gang of mates that he can’t live without.

“This gang includes: Cardi (Tom Hanson), champion kebab eater and total liability; Ash (Aaron Heffernan), the son of a family of fighting Travellers whose fists can get them out of most kinds of trouble; Tommo (Ryan Sampson), the most sexually liberated man in Britain who doesn’t care what people think; and JJ (Parth Thakerar), a sharp entrepreneur who runs a garage (with a lucrative sideline in stolen cars).

“These lads have dealt, scammed, bribed and conned their way through adolescence, but now, on the brink of adulthood, their dealing and stealing is catching up with them and a whole load of trouble is heading their way.

“Like a carefully stacked tower of cards, what happens if one of them is knocked down or, worse, removed from the pack entirely?

“Veering between hilarious comedy and heartfelt emotion, Brassic is about irreplaceable, lifelong friends, loyalty and the things that come between them.”

Is there a trailer for Brassic on Sky One?

No, unfortunately, there is no trailer get for Brassic on Sky One.

This article will be updated as soon as the trailer for Brassic drops.

Brassic is coming to Sky One in summer 2019

 Updated 03/02/19 

 Did you miss Ryan in Horrible Histories, then fear not, it’s being repeated…  

Horrible Histories

CBBC, Monday 28th January 2019 16:30 to 17:00 

Exceptional Explorers.

Horrible Histories goes pear-shaped in an explorers special, meeting Christopher Columbus as he tries to teach a class that the world is indeed shaped like a pear. On the strict instructions of Emperor Nero, some hapless Roman centurions are quite literally stuck in the mud, searching for the source of the Nile. And intrepid Arctic explorer Peter Freuchen has to dig his way out of the snow with a frozen poo. From the Vikings’ first small steps on American soil to humankind’s first giant leaps on the moon, join Horrible Histories on this epic adventure.

Series 8, Episode 2, 4 Star)

Tom Stourton, Ryan Sampson, Richard David-Caine, Jalaal Hartley, Jessica Ransom, Gemma Whelan


Updated 20/01/19 

If anyone who hasn’t seen Ryan on TV (maybe you have been hiding under a rock or living on another plant for some time) you can catch him again on UK TV, the line up is:

 Plebs Series 4, episodes 3 & 4, Jan 15th (OK if you are a night owl) 00:25 (that’s am) to 01:25

Then episodes 5 & 6 Jan 22nd 00:25 (that’s am) to 01:25

Both on ITV2…..


 And if you go back further in time (using the Tardis) you can catch him again in Doctor Who Sereis 4 as Luke Rattigan “The Sontaran Strategem”

Sky Channel W, Jan 20th 5.00pm to 6.00pm

 Updated 08/01/19  

 When in Rome, well nearly but still in Italy, as Ruby Bentall says “rubybentall Met this weirdo 11 years ago today. Thank god”.


 Updated 02/01/19