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 We would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a happy new Year, from the Website Admins..

Updated 22/12/18  

Here is some more Ryan news….. Comedy Central orders more online series……

Comedy Central is to publish Bad Cramps, a new sketch show for its website and YouTube channel…

It has also ordered the female-led sketch format Laughing At Salad, and Waiting by Ryan Sampson

The network has also confirmed Series 2 of Fin Taylor’s Bullshit Bingo and Series 3 of Josh Investigates

Waiting by Ryan Sampson

Plebs star Ryan Sampson is working on this ten part scripted series in which two characters are stuck waiting in various different scenarios. It will be filmed later in 2019.

Here is a link to the Comedy Central Website

“Waiting – by Ryan Sampson”

Updated 11/12/18

We would like to wish Ryan a “Very Happy Birthday” for November 28th, all the best from the Website Admins

Updated 27/11/18

Think SAFE…. or as the himself says

“MrRyanSampson Don’t drink and swim, guys. #staysafe

Updated 24/11/18

If you missed Ryan in Horrible Histories you can catch him on this episode….

Horrible Histories, CBBC HD, Date: Sunday 25th November

16:40 to 17:05

Terrible Tudor Special

Sketch comedy series. Featuring everything you need to know about history’s most famous family. Including a never-before-seen sketch with the murderous Medicis, hilarious outtakes, and a special one-off written by a CBBC competition winner.

(Stereo, Repeat, Widescreen, High Definition, Subtitles, Audio Described, Series 8, Episode 15, 4 Star.

Starring: Tom Stourton, Ryan Sampson, Richard David-Caine, Jalaal Hartley, Jessica Ransom, Gemma Whelan


Updated 24/11/18

A little bit of Brassic script reading with the man himself Ryan Sampson, bottom right


Updated 12/11/18

Ryan filming on the set of “Brassic”, we think this is his serious Robert Downey Jr impression


Updated 10/11/18

Michelle Keegan in stitches as her co-star drops his pants and pulls a moony….

The Our Girl and former Coronation Street star had a cheeky surprise while filming new drama Brassic


Michelle Keegan was in fits of laughter as her co-star larked around on the set of new drama Brassic.

The former Coronation Street actress and Our Girl star was in for a cheeky surprise when her co-star Ryan Sampson dropped his pants and pulled a moony.

Michelle, who played Tina McIntyre in Corrie and has won an army of fans in the BBC One military drama Our Girl as Corporal Georgie Lane, was in stitches at his antics .

The Irlam-raised actress clapped her hand over her mouth as Ryan exposed his behind, and as he hoiked his jeans back up she appeared to give him a playful shove as he burst out laughing.

Michelle, who filmed Our Girl in South Africa and Malaysia, is back up north to film Brassic, and she looked sensational in a figure-hugging pair of Adidas leggings and white trainers, a blue fluffy-collared jacket to ward of the autumn chill and chunky white trainers.


Filmed around Manchester and Lancashire Michelle, 31, plays Erin in the the show which follows a group of friends and Ryan, who has previously starred in the sitcom Plebs, plays Tommo.

Brassic is created by This Is England actor Joe Gilgun and Shameless, Ordinary Lies and Clocking Off writer Danny Brocklehurst.

Michelle has attracted an audience of fans in Bacup filming the six-part show for Sky One, and she was also spotted at Smithills Country Park in Bolton.


She caused a stir when she got on her bike for more filming in Bacup, tackling the hills in a green cardigan and denim dungarees.

Other locations around Bacup have also been filmed, including near the former police station on Bank Street and also near Broadclough Mill on Burnley Road.

Fan Chantelle Howorth tweeted previously: “As if Michelle Keegan is filming in Bacup, love her.”


And Chloe Jackson posted: “@michkeegan if you need a place to stay over night while filming in Bacup, give me a shout, I’ll be more than happy to put you up.”

Michelle, who is married to former The Only Way Is Essex star Mark Wright who presents US entertainment show Extra, will be on our screens in Brassic next year.

She was recently proud to have won the best actress prize at the TV Choice Awards 2018 for her role in Our Girl.

Updated 20/10/18

Yes folks the waiting is nearly over.. Staring up into the heavens. So bright. Lore season 2 drops on Amazon prime October 19th “Jack Parsons” episode, enjoy….

Updated 07/10/18

Just in case, here is a little reminder…….

Don’t forget everyone, you can catch Ryan (don’t know which episode yet) in the new series of LORE on Amazon Prime Oct 19th, if you are on Twitter just follow this link.

“LORE – On Twitter”


Updated 04/10/18

Hi everyone, do you all want to listen to Ryan do a Voice over, well you can, he is now providing commentary for the E4 show “The Super Salon”, a real down to earth fly on the wall (nearly) every day Salon, you can watch it on All 4 but be quick it will soon be gone, follow this link “The Super Salon – E4”


Updated 19/09/18

“LORE – On Twitter”

Another and closer photo of Ryan on the Brassic set.


Updated 14/09/18

Here are some first look photos of BRASSIC with Ryan, the full article is below

First Look Photos – Brassic

First-Look Photos: Damien Molony and Michelle Keegan Begin Filming ‘Brassic’

August 29, 2018

Damien has begun filming Brassic and we have our first exciting glimpse of him on set with co-star Michelle Keegan.

Our fave actor plays Dylan in the upcoming Sky comedy drama, the ‘razor sharp’ best mate of Vinnie (Joe Gilgun, star and co-creator) and on-screen boyfriend of Erin (Michelle Keegan).

The pictures via OK! MagazineThe Sun and the Mail Online show Damien, Michelle and cast shooting outdoor scenes at a village fair.

Damien (Dylan) and Michelle Keegan (Erin) filming ‘Brassic’. Source: OK!

Damien (Dylan) and Michelle Keegan (Erin) filming ‘Brassic’. Source: OK!

Damien (Dylan) and Michelle Keegan (Erin) filming ‘Brassic’. Source: OK!

Damien (Dylan) and Michelle Keegan (Erin) filming ‘Brassic’. Source: The Sun

Damien (Dylan) and Michelle Keegan (Erin) filming ‘Brassic’. Source: The Sun

The new comedy will veer between ‘hilarious comedy and heartfelt emotion’ and centres on a group of working class friends in Lancashire Northern England, ‘finding unconventional ways to win at life in northern suburbia’.

Damien and co-stars filming ‘Brassic’. Source: The Mail Online

Damien’s character Dylan faces a dilemma when he has to make a choice between staying with his life long ‘dealing and stealing’ friends – including Vinnie, from whom he has hardly spent a day apart since childhood – or leaving with Erin, the love of his life, when she plans to make a fresh start and move away with her son Tyler (Jude Riordan).

Damien (Dylan), Michelle Keegan (Erin), Jude Riordan (Tyler) and Joe Gilgun (Vinnie) filming ‘Brassic’. Source: The Mail Online

We’re thrilled to see these photo treats from the Brassic set revealing Damien and his fellow cast having fun while shooting scenes, and can’t wait to watch when the comedy is released in 2019.

Updated 02/09/18

GOOD NEWS….. Plebs 5 returns to ITV2, the series will be broadcast in 2019.

The sitcom, set in Ancient Rome, stars Tom Rosenthal and Ryan Sampson as 20-something pleb Marcus and his slave, Grumio.

The first three series, broadcast from 2013, also starred Joel Fry as friend and flatmate Stylax, whilst Series 4 – broadcast earlier this year – saw his character replaced by Jason, played by Jon Pointing.

Written by Tom Basden and Sam Leifer, who also directs, the sitcom will return to ITV2 for a new series in 2019.

The news was announced today at the Edinburgh Television Festival by ITV‘s head of digital channels, Paul Mortimer.

No further details have yet been revealed, but it is expected that all three core cast members from Series 4 will return.

The first four series are available now to buy on DVD or as digital downloads.

Updated 23/08/18

Sky makes the new Shameless.

Working-Class Comedy in the Pipeline….

Sky is to make a new working-class comedy starring This Is England’s Joe Gilgun, Ripper Street’s Damien Molony and Our Girl’s Michelle Keegan.

In Brassic, Molony plays Dylan, who has to decide whether to leave his Lancashire hometown of Chorley after his girlfriend Erin (Keegan) moves away, or stick around with his best mate Vinnie (Gilgun), who has bipolar disorder.

They are part of a gang that includes a champion kebab eater, a sex-crazed playboy and a stolen car dealer, all of whom scrape a living by dubious means.

Tim Key, Tom Hanson, Aaron Hefferman, Ryan Sampson, Parth Thakerar also star in the show, which is made by Calamity Films and expected to air next year.

Shooting starts on the show – which has already been likened to Shameless – next month.

It has been co-created by Gilgun, pictured, and writer Danny Brocklehurst, who has worked on Shameless and Netflix’s thriller Safe.

Sky’s head of comedy Jon Mountague said it was an ‘authentic’ and ‘hilarious’ show, with ‘fantastic scripts complemented by an amazing cast’. He added: ‘Brassic is really different – sometimes raw, often remarkable, and always human.

Gilgun said, “I’m truly humbled by the opportunity. We’ve got an amazing team of creators and watching it all take form has been very moving. Bipolar is a big part of my life. We want to show that you can have mental health issues and in some cases live a productive, exciting life, full of adventure.’

Brocklehurst added: ‘This is a passion project for Joe and myself and we have collaborated every step of the way to create an outrageous, funny, stylistically bold show that brings to life a rarely seen northern working-class world. This is a big-hearted show about life at the sharp end of modern Britain.’

Published: 21 Aug 2018

Updated 22/08/18

Well everyone we have something new to look forward to with our Hero Ryan, yes he is filming for a New Sky Comedy “Brassic” as it Shines a light on Northern Working Classes…

The new Sky comedy series, Brassic, from Bafta award-winning writer Danny Brocklehurst (Safe) and actor Joe Gilgun (This is England) focuses on the often overlooked northern working classes and features an all-star British cast.

Gilgun stars as Vinnie, a jack the lad with a solid group of childhood friends, but a case of bipolar disorder.

Speaking about tackling such a personal issue Gilgun commented, “Bipolar is a big part of my life. We want to show that you can have mental health issues and in some cases live a productive, exciting life, full of adventure.”

Gilgun’s character Vinnie’s life is changed forever when his best friend Dylan (played by Damien Molony, Ripper Street) meets single mum Erin (Michelle Keegan, Our Girl), promptly falls head over heels in love and plans to leave town with her and her young son.

This turn of events doesn’t bode well for co-dependant Vinniewho wonders how he will cope without his partner in crime.

Joining Vinnie in his apprehension over the loss of Dylan are the lads’ gang of delinquent friends, played by Tom Hanson, Aaron Heffernan, Ryan Sampson and Parth Thakerar. They’ve all been together forever, tearing up the northern suburbs and generally winning at life, in their view at least. If Vinnie leaves, can they finally mature and own what life could be like if they all moved on from the gang mentality?

The cast is also set to include Ruth Sheen (Unforgotten) and Tim Key (Zapped) and production will begin in September for Sky and NOW TV.

“This is a passion project for Joe and myself and we have collaborated every step of the way to create an outrageous, funny, stylistically bold show that brings to life a rarely seen northern working-class world,” said co-creator and writer Danny Brocklehurst. “This is a big-hearted show about life at the sharp end of modern Britain.”

Brassic is produced by Calamity Films and will be distributed internationally by ITV Global.

Updated 21/08/18

Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it’s……

“Plebs The Movie”, read the article below or follow this link:

“Plebs – The Movie”


HISTORY FAKERS: Rosenthal, Sampson and Pointing

The ITV2 comedy about Ancient Rome – dubbed a cross between The Inbetweeners and Up Pompeii! – has had four successful series on the box so far.

Now Hollywood director Seth Rogen plans to make a big-screen version.

And he wants original cast members Tom Rosenthal, Ryan Sampson and Jonathan Pointing to reprise their roles.

It also opens the doors for former guest stars such as Danny Dyer, Maureen Lipman and Michelle Keegan to make cameos.

A source said: “Plebs has been a massive hit for ITV2 and is gaining fans all over the world including Australia.”

Seth is currently developing a US edition of Plebs with American actors – but for the movie he wants the British cast to appear.

Plebs has won best new comedy at the The British Comedy Awards in 2013 and best scripted comedy at The National TV Awards in 2014.

Updated 20/08/18

Hi all, if you spotted Ryan in Margate recently then well done, it was for these two lucky people….

Seaweed Selfie, as Ryan says.

Updated 13/08/18

Two interviews on YouTube with Ryan, see below..

Updated 03/08/18

Well these weeks are flying by, so much so that the last episode of “The Quanderhorn Xperimentations” (Episode 6 of 6)

Is being broadcast Monday July 30th, BBC Radio 4, 11.30 am

This is called:

“Dah dah dah dah dah dahh Dah dah dah dah dahhhh…”

“BBC Radio 4 – The Quanderhorn Xperimentations

Updated 29/07/18

Hi everyone, three updates this week….. Read on….

Number One:

Meanwhile in Italy, even the locals are confused…

Number Two:

LORE, Series two, due to be screened on Amazon Prime October 19th 2018, here is a little trailer on Youtube (Not for the fainthearted) ..

Number Three:

If anyone wants to catch Ryan in

“The Frankenstein Chronicles” Then fear not, it’s being shown in UK

The Frankenstein Chronicles

ITV Tuesday 24th July 2018, 22:45 to 23:50

A World Without God. Series 1, episode 1.

Mystery drama. London 1827: John Marlott discovers a sutured corpse on the banks of the Thames. As Marlott kneels beside it and reaches out to touch the dead hand, the hand grabs him back in a moment of terror. Marlott is assigned to work within the offices of Bow Street by Sir Robert Peel to investigate who is responsible. Is the murder a political move to squash Peel’s Anatomy Act, or are the rumours of a more sinister Smithfield ‘monster’ true?

Updated 24/07/18

Don’t forget everyone, you can catch the next thrilling episode of “The Quanderhorn Xperimentations” (Episode 5 of 6) on BBC Radio 4, Monday 11.30am, this one is called …

“Fear! Terror! Gut-wrenching Horror! Arg Arg. Please!”

Updated 22/07/18

Here’s some Heartbeat screen shots some of you may have never seen, looks like Ryan has hardly aged a bit…

Updated 19/07/18

Just in case you are all wondering where Ryan is at this time of year, well he is on his holidays, in Italy, to be more precise in Rome… (but not as Grumio), so if you spot him say Hi….

Meanwhile back in the UK, you can tune in to BBC Radio Four 11.30am Monday Mornings for the next thrilling episode (4 of 6) of “The Quanderhorn Xperimentations – The Spattered Remains of Undentifiable Organs Incident All Over Again”

Updated 15/07/18

Here is a little article on…..

The Quanderhorn Xperimentations written by Rob Grant and Andrew Marshall and starring James Fleet, Ryan Sampson, Cassie Layton, Kevin Eldon, Freddie Fox, John Sessions and Rachel Atkins starts Monday 25th June for six weeks at 11:30am on BBC Radio 4.

London. England.1952.

The War is over: it’s a time of peace, regeneration and hope. A Golden Age of scientific discovery and boundless optimism.

Unfortunately, it’s been 1952 for the past 65 years. And Prime Minister Winston Churchill (John Sessions) is beginning to worry people might notice. He suspects the phenomenon is the work of Professor Quanderhorn (James Fleet); a brilliant, maverick scientific genius with absolutely no moral compass.

Despite the fact he’s saved the world from several Martian invasions, the attacks of the Mole People, the Troglodyte Shape-shifters and the Beatniks from Under the Sea, plus countless other sinister phenomena which threatened to rend the very fabric of reality, Churchill would dearly like to close him down – once and for all.

Why? Because he’s terrified. Of Quanderhorn’s reality-warping experiments, of his massive crowd-pleasing popularity. Of the unearthly secret locked in his cellar…

Eager young Test Pilot, Brian Nylon (Ryan Sampson) recovers consciousness to discover he’s lost his memory, and is in the middle of yet another Reality-threatening catastrophe, prompted by one of the Professor’s experiments gone horribly wrong. On top of that, he appears to be a double agent working on behalf of Churchill, charged with uncovering Quanderhorn’s darkest secrets. Unfortunately, he’s the world’s worst spy – with a Boy Scout mentality, he’s virtually incapable of lying.

Also, he’s somewhat distracted from his mission by his feelings for Quanderhorn’s assistant, Dr. Gemini Janussen (Cassie Layton). She’s a brilliant cold and calculating scientist, only slightly hampered by the rational half of her brain having been replaced by a clockwork mechanism, which tends to run down at moments of crisis, leaving her emotions to run amok.

The third member of the team is Guuuurk (Kevin Eldon) – a Martian bounder, whom Quanderhorn is holding hostage after the most recent failed invasion attempt, and who learnt human behaviour by repeatedly watching the only TV show that can be received on Mars – a program starring archetypal English cad Terry Thomas . He is honour-bound to attempt to escape and return home at every opportunity, but really doesn’t want to go back to the filth-ridden dusty hole in the ground he occupies there.

And finally, there’s Troy Quanderhorn (Freddie Fox), the professor’s genetically-engineered “son” – the result of a slightly botched experiment into gene shuffling. Despite being amazingly strong, he could easily be outwitted by brain-damaged plankton. We’re never sure, but we also suspect there’s a sprinkling of insect in his makeup, as he’s building an enormous cocoon in the eaves of the laboratory and a giant dung ball in his bedroom.

The lab is grumblingly cared for by the faithful janitor Jenkins (John Sessions), the Professor’s disgraced batman from World War Two. Superficially subservient, he harbours submerged resentments, and a hidden dark side which is rarely glimpsed.

The relentless looping of Time is causing reality itself to become stranger and stranger, and the crew struggle against the mountingly curious dangers it is generating. In the midst of these horrors, Brian struggles to regain his memory, discovering clues to his missing past in the strangest of places. And as the mystery unravels, he’s fairly sure he doesn’t like the man he appears to have been.

Written by Rob Grant and Andrew Marshall

Starring James Fleet, Ryan Sampson, Cassie Layton, Kevin Eldon,
Freddie Fox, John Sessions and Rachel Atkins.
Directed by Andrew Marshall.
Produced by Rob Grant and Gordon Kennedy

And don’t forget if you missed the last episode, you can catch it again on the BBC Radio I-Player, just follow this link

“A Little Thing Like Chocolate gates Can’t Stop Us”

Updated 09/07/18

You will all be pleased to know Episode 3 Series 1 of….

The Quanderhorn Xperimentations is being broadcast Monday July 9th BBC Radio 4, 11:30 am, this ones title is “A Little Thing Like Chocolate gates Can’t Stop Us”…


Professor Quanderhorn (James Fleet) and his crew are besieged by a mob of alien-possessed villagers. Their only hope – a highly-trained spy parrot with a bad attitude (Kevin Eldon) and an irritating gramophone record by the Queen of the Hammond organ.

Having been permanently fitted with a rather dangerous experimental bra, Brian (Ryan Sampson) finally steels himself to face the nightmare horrors of the professor’s cellar, unaware that a secret camera is set to expose him.

Meanwhile, Dr Janussen (Cassie Layton) has discovered a message from Virginia (Rachel Atkins) revealing the terrible secret that turned her into a broccoli monster.

As Troy (Freddie Fox) and Guuuurk (Kevin Eldon) join the not-quite-romantic pair while fleeing the merciless cellar defences, Troy inadvertently presses the wrong lift button and they find themselves heading pell mell….for the Moon.

The Quanderhorn Xperimentations – an adventure beyond human understanding.

Updated 08/07/18

If you missed the latest episode of The Quanderhorn Xperimentations Just follow this link to Series 1, Episode 2,

“The Quanderhorn Xperimentations – Mummy! My Donkey’s Head Is Exploding”

The crew of Professor Quanderhorn (James Fleet) are about to have their space craft shredded like a savoy cabbage by a massive gravitational wave. Only Martian hostageGuuuurk (Kevin Eldon) can save them.

Updated 03/07/18

Standby for yet another BBC Radio 4 production of…

The Quanderhorn Xperimentations. Series 1, Episode 2, Monday July 2nd, 11.30am to 12.00

The crew of Professor Quanderhorn (James Fleet) are about to have their space craft shredded like a savoy cabbage by a massive gravitational wave. Only Martian hostage Guuuurk (Kevin Eldon) can save them.

But will the self-declared “miserable coward and despicable turncoat” risk his life and even his very sanity by mind-leaping into Quanderhorn’s “son”, Troy (Freddie Fox), a half-insectoid, touted as “a major breakthrough in Artificial Stupidity”.

Meanwhile, behind the Post Office in the nearby village, a glowing, throbbing meteorite is exuding a strange influence on the local inhabitants.

When Dr Janussen (Cassie Layton), Guuuurk, Troy and even Quanderhorn himself appear to be possessed by an alien intelligence, Brian (Ryan Sampson) is faced with a perilous dilemma.

And who is that peculiar hot chestnut seller, who bears a startling resemblance to Prime Minister Churchill (John Sessions)?

The Quanderhorn Xperimentations – an adventure beyond human understanding.

An Absolutely production for BBC Radio

Updated 01/07/18

If anyone missed Ryan in The Quanderhorn Xperimentations

Just follow this link to the BBC I-Player, be quick as it will soon be gone

“The Quanderhorn Xperimentations”

Updated 26/06/18

Well it looks like someone has been on a photo shoot, Mr Sampson looking mighty dapper… courtesy of….

Rick Pushinsky‏@RickPushinskyJun 23


@MrRyanSampson styled by David Nolan @pmartists hair & makeup by @CarolineSims13 ••• @PlebsComedy @ItvPLEBS #grumio •••

Updated 24/06/18

We don’t know all the details yet but what we do know is that Ryan will be in the next series of “LORE – Amazon Prime” You can watch (if you subscribe to Amazon Prime) in the link above series one, as soon as we have more details keep watching here.

Series Two current forecast date may be October 2018.

Updated 18/06/18

Well folks if you want to find out what’s going on here, just pop over to Twitter and see what Tom Rosenthal @Rosentweets is talking about in conversation with Ryan.

Updated 08/06/18

If you have been hiding under a rock or living in outer space the last few months then fear not, you can catch Ryan on…..

“Horrible Histories”

CBBC HD Saturday 9th June 2018 11:25 to 11:55

Formidable Florence Nightingale.

A tribute to Florence Nightingale, The Lady with the Lamp ‘just don’t let Florence hear you calling her that!’ The programme charts how Florence revolutionised medicine and the treatment of the sick during the Crimean War, but also how she also unwittingly sparked the public’s desire for trinkets and tat featuring her image. Elsewhere, there’s the bizarre practice of Victorian war tourism (tea, cake and carnage), a look at some Embarrassing Victorian Bodies, and a visit to Mary Seacole’s British Hotel.

Series 8, Episode 11,

Starring: Tom Stourton, Ryan Sampson, Richard David-Caine, Jalaal Hartley, Jessica Ransom, Gemma Whelan


“Horrible Histories”

Sunday 10th June 2018

11:20 to 11:50

Deadly Dynasties.

Sketch comedy series. A look at the deadliest dynasties and how they came to, and then held on to, power. Witness Aggrippina’s deadly recipes for success and Napoleon’s needy sister, how the Lancastrians and the Yorkists came together for Love Day, how to stage a Russian coup, and how our royal family, the Windsors, came to change their family name to something a little ‘less German’.

Series 8, Episode 12, 4

Starring: Tom Stourton, Ryan Sampson, Richard David-Caine, Jalaal Hartley, Jessica Ransom, Gemma Whelan


“Plebs” Series One

itv2 HD Tuesday 12th June 2018

00:30 to 00:55

The Gladiator. Series 1, episode 2.

Sitcom following three desperate young men who reside in ancient Rome. Cynthia’s charming new gladiator boyfriend Cassius impresses everyone except jealous Marcus, who makes it clear that he wants the relationship to fail as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Stylax plays a prank on Aurelius which ends up going a little too far.

Director: Sam Leifer

Starring: Tom Rosenthal, Joel Fry, Ryan Sampson, Danny Dyer, Lydia Rose Bewley, Sophie Colquhoun


“Plebs” Series One

itv2 HD

Tuesday 19th June 2018

00:25 to 00:55

The Erotic Vase. Series 1, episode 3.

Sitcom following three desperate young men who reside in ancient Rome. Stylax buys Grumio an erotic vase for his birthday featuring a character who bears a striking resemblance to someone nearby. Marcus, under pressure from the girls, suggests they swap roles for the day. Meanwhile, Stylax hangs out with his cousin Lucretia, with whom he has an unusually close relationship.

(Repeat, Widescreen, High Definition, Subtitles, Audio Described, 2013, 4 Star)

Director: Sam Leifer

Starring: Ryan Sampson, Joel Fry, Tom Rosenthal, Sophie Colquhoun, Lydia Rose Bewley, Naomi Bentley


If you love Radio 4, you can listen to Ryan in:

The Quanderhorn Xperimentations

BBC Radio 4 Monday 25th June 2018

11:30 to 12:00

Sci-fi comedy series by Rob Naylor and Andrew Marshall. It’s Eating My Face. Brian Nylon awakes with no memory to find time behaving very oddly. Is the mysterious genius Professor Quanderhorn behind it? And what is that Martian doing? With James Fleet, Ryan Sampson, Cassie Layton.

“The Quanderhorn Xperimentations”

Updated 05/06/18

Friends, Romans, Countrymen… you could win a DVD…..

Plebs box sets up for grabs….

The latest series of Plebs is released on DVD on Monday, along with a box set of all four seasons on the ancient Roman sitcom.

And we have box sets to give away to two lucky winners, plus three copies of Series 4 for runners-up

Plebs follows the lives of three hapless young men from the suburbs as they try to get laid, hold down jobs and climb the social ladder in the big city of Rome.

Written by Sam Leifer and Tom Basden, the ITV2 series stars Tom Rosenthal, Ryan Sampson, and Jonathan Pointing and features an array of guest stars.

The new series starts with the introduction of Pointing’s character Jason as a replacement for Joel Fry, whose character Stylax was killed off when the actor quit the show.

Between the, the three main characters manage to wangle an abandoned toilet from crooked property developer Crassus (Robert Lindsay) which they decide to convert into Rome’s hottest new wine-bar, The Crown And Toga.

To stand a chance of winning one of our DVDs, released by Acorn Media International, answer the following question by midday on June 15, when we will select the winner at random from all correct answers received.

Good luck! Usual terms and conditions apply.

Follow this link to the competition….

“You could WIN Plebs DVD”

Updated 02/06/18

What to do in the Park, chill out on the grass….

Updated 28/05/18

Thanks to @tanavip for this great photo…

Updated 26/05/18

We have added Plebs 4 DVD to the Merchandise Page, either click on the page or follow this link… This title will be released on June 4, 2018.

“Plebs 4 DVD at Amazon”

Updated 26/05/18

Well here they all are, Cast of Plebs at MCM Comic Com, including Mr Ryan Sampson.



Updated 25/05/18

They think it’s all over, it is now, goodbye Plebs series 4…..

As Tom Rosenthal says….

Updated 22/05/18

Is anyone free Friday afternoon May 25th 4.00pm London… then read on….

“Plebs stars and writers take Roman holiday at MCM London”

Salve, citizens! MCM London becomes MCM Londinium on the Friday afternoon of the show, as the stars and writers of Roman comedy Plebs take to Comic Con’s Main Stage to give us the inside scoop on ITV2’s award-winning series, currently in its fourth season.

Join cast members Tom Rosenthal (Marcus), Ryan Sampson (Grumio) and Jonathan Pointing (Jason) along with writer/director Sam Leifer and writer Tom Basden, who also plays waterboy/man Aurelius, for the Plebs panel at 16:00 on Friday 25 May.

One of ITV2’s most popular scripted comedies, Plebs has been described as The In Betweeners meets Rome, garnering BAFTA nominations, ‘Best New Comedy’ at the British Comedy Awards and ‘Best Scripted Comedy’ at the Royal Television Society Awards.

The show’s fourth season turns the lives of Marcus and his slave Grumio upside down, as the sudden departure of Stylax (Joel Fry) is met by the equally sudden arrival of ditzy blonde builder and new-Pleb-on-the-block Jason. Having acquired an abandoned toilet from crooked property developer Crassus (Robert Lindsay), the lads decide to convert into Rome’s hottest new wine-bar, The Crown and Toga. What could possibly go wrong?

Updated 20/05/18

Well folks before we all start sobbing into our beer mugs, the sad news is, Monday May 21st is the last episode of Plebs Series 4 (Episode 8)… read on…..

Series 4, Episode 8 – Beer

A Germanian bar opens over the road, selling a popular drink called beer. The boys attempt to discover the recipe, with Grumio engaging his super-palate and Jason seducing the barmaid Stefi. Meanwhile, Marcus has a run-in with the local fire brigade.

Monday 21st May 2018, 10.00 pm, ITV2

Updated 20/05/18

Anyone fancy their chances of winning a Plebs Box Set,

Or see below for how to order Series 4 on DVD…..

Competition: Win Plebs Boxed Set…..

Togas ahoy! ITV2’s hit sitcom Plebs is being released on DVD later this month and Beyond The Joke is giving readers the chance to win a boxed set featuring all four series plus lots of extras. Two sets are up for grabs.

Plebs follows the lives of three hapless young men from the suburbs as they try to get laid, hold down jobs and climb the social ladder in the big city. Penned by Sam Leifer (How Not to Live Your Life) and Tom Basden (Fresh Meat) and starring Tom Rosenthal (Friday Night Dinner), Ryan Sampson (Dennis and Gnasher: Unleashed), Jonathan Pointing (Pls Like) and Joel Fry (Requiem) alongside a stellar cast and guest stars, this hugely popular sitcom makes its welcome return on DVD on 4 June 2018, released by Acorn Media.

Join the Plebs’ adventures over the course of four fun-filled series. Series one sees the boys living in a grotty apartment block run by a dodgy Landlord, while in series two Stylax wants to become a champion charioteer. We join series three as the Games arrive in town, but the Plebs can’t get tickets for any event – not even the pig chase. Lastly, in series four the Plebs manage to wangle an abandoned toilet from a crooked property developer which they decide to convert into Rome’s hottest new wine-bar ‘The Crown and Toga’.

The boxed set includes all four series plus interviews with Sam Leifer, Tom Basden, Ryan Sampson and Tom Rosenthal, outtakes and lots more.

To enter just answer this question. What C4 sitcom does Tom Rosenthal currently star in?

Send your answers to beyondthejoke@virginmedia.com with the word Plebs in the subject line. Closing date is June 4 and winners will be contacted within a week of the competition finishing.

For competition terms & conditions click here.

Or you can order it here from Amazon, release date May 28th 2018

Plebs Series 4 DVD – Amazon

Updated 15/05/18

Sometimes a photo just says it all…..

Updated 14/05/18

Well folks it’s not long until the next Plebs episode, so here is a little breakdown..

Series 4, Episode 7 – The Accountant

When the Crown and Toga is hit by a mega tax bill, Marcus does everything in his power to find a top-notch accountant. Jason isn’t helping things by giving away free drinks to his barber in exchange for haircuts. And Grumio finds a fast snail in the bar.

Monday 14th May 2018 10pm, Channel ITV2

Updated 10/05/18

If you missed Plebs Series 4, Episode 6 – The Bath House, here are some still shots, mainly Ryan As Grumio doing what Grumi does best… eating and drinking.. !

Updated 08/05/18

Hi All, just a reminder (not that you will forget)….

Series 4, Episode 6 – The Bath House

The boys attend a free trial session at a swanky new bathhouse and attempt to outstay their welcome. Marcus courts a potential business contact he meets in the changing room, while Jason starts dating a yoga instructor.

Monday 7th May 2018, 10:00pm, ITV2

Updated 06/05/18

Well folks if you all remember Ryan in Horrible Histories then fear not, those wonderful people at CBBC are showing some more Brand Spanking NEW episodes this Monday… see below for further details……

Horrible Histories On: CBBC Monday 7th May 2018

14:50 to 15:20

Deadly Dynasties

Sketch comedy series. A look at the deadliest dynasties and how they came to, and then held on, to power. Witness Aggrippina’s deadly recipes for success and Napoleon’s needy sister, how the Lancastrians and the Yorkists came together for Love Day, how to stage a Russian coup, and how our Royal Family, the Windsors, came to change their family name to something a little ‘less German’.

Series 8, Episode 12,

Starring: Tom Stourton, Ryan Sampson, Richard David-Caine, Jalaal Hartley, Jessica Ransom, Gemma Whelan

Horrible Histories: CBBC Monday 7th May 2018

Monday 7th May 2018

15:20 to 15:50

Savage Song Special

Sketch comedy series. Horrible Histories presents a collection of some of history’s finest songs, as Rattus attempts to put together his own festival (the delightfully named Glastonsmelly). From singing poos to tuneful Warlords, there’s something for all musical tastes and Rattus has somehow also roped Brad from The Vamps in to help him out, although rather than playing live on the main stage, Brad’s role seems to be more about unblocking the toilets just behind it.

Series 8, Episode 13

Starring: Tom Stourton, Ryan Sampson, Richard David-Caine, Jalaal Hartley, Jessica Ransom, Gemma Whelan

Horrible Histories: CBBC HD Monday 7th May 2018

Time: 15:50 to 16:20

Awesome Ancient Civilisations Special

Sketch comedy series. Horrible Histories presents our guide to ancient civilizations, featuring new sketches about Alexander the Great’s first kiss, Emperor Nero’s greatest hits, and how double parking in ancient times could result in being impaled, rather than fined. Also, Swill Gumbitz takes a look at Greek statues, the musical instrument that could make you poo yourself, and the evolution of bottom-wiping.

Series 8, Episode 14,

Starring: Tom Stourton, Ryan Sampson, Richard David-Caine, Jalaal Hartley, Jessica Ransom, Gemma Whelan.

Horrible Histories: CBBC HD Monday 7th May 2018

16:30 to 17:00

Terrible Tudor Special.

Sketch comedy series. Featuring everything you need to know about history’s most famous family. Including a never-before-seen sketch with the murderous Medicis, hilarious outtakes, and a special one-off written by a CBBC competition winner.

(Stereo, New Episode, Widescreen, High Definition, Subtitles, Series 8, Episode 15,

Starring: Tom Stourton, Ryan Sampson, Richard David-Caine, Jalaal Hartley, Jessica Ransom, Gemma Whelan.

Special thanks to Alexis Johnson for this clip of Ryan when he was on Zoe Ball on Sunday..

Updated 01/05/18

It might be Sunday morning (so set your alarm clocks), UK TV….

Zoe Ball on Sunday ITV, Sunday 29th April 2018

08:30 to 09:25

Zoe Ball is joined by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, the Reverend Richard Coles, stars from the hit TV series Plebs and comedian David Morgan. There is also music from The Wandering Hearts.

Updated 28/04/18

If all else fail, Ryan has offered up his services as The Royal Nanny…

Updated 23/04/18

Hi all, just a reminder, the next Plebs episode is being shown Monday April 23rd ITV2, 10:00pm…

Series 4, Episode 4 – The Satirist

The boys launch a cabaret night in the bar when Marcus starts dating the popular Roman satirist, Minerva. But can he cope with her dissecting their relationship live on stage? Meanwhile, Jason, Aurelius and Grumio form a house-band.


Series 4, Episode 5 – Lupercalia

It’s the Roman festival of love so when Marcus is asked out by Gloria from next door, he can’t tell if it’s a date or a meeting about their party wall. Jason tries to maintain his Lupercalia perfect-score, while Grumio enjoys a romantic meal for one.

Monday 30th April 2018 10:00pm, ITV2

And then…..

Series 4, Episode 6 – The Bath House

The boys attend a free trial session at a swanky new bathhouse and attempt to outstay their welcome. Marcus courts a potential business contact he meets in the changing room, while Jason starts dating a yoga instructor.

Monday 7th May 2018, 10:00pm, ITV2

Updated 22/04/18

If you can register on the ITV HUB, you should be able to catch up on the current episodes of Plebs, here is a link to their website

ITV Hub – Plebs

Updated 17/04/18

Don’t forget everyone….

Plebs 4 episode 3…. itv2

Monday 16th April 2018 22:00 to 22:30

The Marathon.

It’s marathon time and the city’s gone into a frenzy of fundraising. So when Grumio’s mistaken as a charity case, Marcus spies a money-making opportunity. Jason bets Aurelius he can beat him in the big race despite not having run since junior school.

If you are on Twitter watch this clip of Ryan in a wheel barrow

Ryan in a wheel barrow

Updated 16/04/18

Chef Grumio Stuffs Stuff in Stuff (we can’t serve Sorry)

Here is a great photo…#Plebs launch and Made in Chelsea star @ollielicke has arrived. Ollie guest stars this series (Started ITV2 April 9th) Here he is with Ryan Sampson

Updated 15/04/18

Hi all, just a reminder….

Plebs 4 episode 3…. itv2

Monday 16th April 2018 22:00 to 22:30

The Marathon.

It’s marathon time and the city’s gone into a frenzy of fundraising. So when Grumio’s mistaken as a charity case, Marcus spies a money-making opportunity. Jason bets Aurelius he can beat him in the big race despite not having run since junior school.

Just in case you missed this interview….. follow this link to YouTube 

Updated 14/04/18

Plebs Series 4 Episode 4: The Satirist.

The boys launch a cabaret night in the bar when Marcus starts dating the popular Roman satirist, Minerva. But can he cope with her dissecting their relationship live on stage? Meanwhile, Jason, Aurelius and Grumio form a house-band.

Monday 23rd April 2018, 10:00pm ITV2

From Plebs 4 Episode 2, here is Ryan’s artistic cooking as he says “Stuff to be stuffed in stuff, Pre-stuff”….

Here is another photo LIVE from London with (from Left to right) Actor Tom Rosenthal (Marcus), Jonathan Pointing (Jason), Ryan Sampson (Grumio) & Sam Leifer (Writer director)

Updated 12/04/18

If you missed Build London (Photo Courtesy of Mary Wright Thank you Very Much Mary), you may be able to watch it again, just follow this link LIVE from London: The Cast & Writer of Plebs

Updated 11/04/18

First Photo of Ryan on Sunday Brunch…

Updated 08/04/18

Remember folks to set your alarm clocks Sunday April 8th, Ryan Sampson and Tom Rosenthal with be on Channel 4 Sunday Brunch from 9:30 am Promoting Plebs 4 which Starts Monday April 9th on ITV2…

Updated 07/04/18

@itv2 comedy @PlebsComedy Cast- @MrRyanSampson @rosentweets @JonPointing and Writer #SamLeifer will be joining us @BUILDseriesLDN London studio on 11th April 2018, 12:30pm. If you want to be part of the audience, get your free ticket at: http://applausestore.com/book-build-2018

Chef Grumio Stuffs Stuff in Stuff

Plebs Bloopers…. say no more

Updated 06/04/18

Ryan hits Rock Bottom.. !

Looks like the Boys are having fun, as Tom Rosenthal says “Las Vegas arcade, Soho”

Updated 05/04/18


Tom Rosenthal and Ryan Sampson reveal ITV2 sitcom Plebs is raising the bar when it returns with series four

If you’ve watched Friday Night Dinners you’ll know comic actor Tom Rosenthal isn’t shy about getting stuck into embarrassing situations. The same is true for his role as Marcus in ITV2’s Plebs, which returns for a fourth series, opening with a double-bill on Monday 9th April.

Plebs follows the misadventures of Stylax, Marcus (Tom Rosenthal) and Grumio (Ryan Sampson) – except in this new series it doesn’t. Stylax, played by Joel Fry, is written out in episode one (we’re not a liberty to say how he exits but it’s memorable), while Jonathan Pointing is written in as Jason.

Here we talk to Plebs originals Tom Rosenthal and Ryan Sampson, who reveal series four is going in a new direction…

New Plebs on the block – Jason (Jonathan Pointing), Grumio (Ryan Sampson) and Marcus (Tom Rosenthal)

How does it feel to get a fourth series?

Ryan Sampson: “I’ve never got to a fourth series of anything before. It seems like there’s a real barrier at three because so often the scripts run out of ideas, or you all hate each other! What’s really exciting is this is a sort of reboot, pushing the show in a different direction. The whole series feels like it has an exciting new angle.”

The new angle involves the gang acquiring an unused public toilet, which they rebrand into The Crown and Toga wine bar, a fertile ground for comedy…

Ryan: “It’s largely about these losers struggling to make this failing business work, which is a totally different direction to what’s been before. It’s allowed us to do different things.”

What can you reveal about Stylax’s exit?

Ryan: “It’s all or nothing for the makers Plebs. If Stylax is going to go, they’re going to fully embrace it in the first episode.”

He’s quickly succeeded by Pls Like star Jonathan Pointing, who plays Jason. How does he fit into the group?

Tom Rosenthal: “I suspect people will really warm to Jason, he’s an annoyingly likeable guy and Jon’s an amazing actor. Obviously some Plebs fans are going to miss Joel as Stylax but it’s not like Jon’s replacing him.”

Jon Pointing fits seamlessly into the group as Jason

The props are fantastic in the new series – especially in episode two when Grumio comes up with a novel menu concept to attract punters – like something you’d see in Father Ted or Black Books…

Ryan: “The props are really good. Filming the second episode where Grumio is a chef pushes it a bit. The Art Department work on huge blockbusters where they make beautiful sculptures but for Plebs they were in the corner trying to stuff a squid into a squirrel!”

Tom: “It was a nightmare for the Art Department trying to figure out what animal they could stuff into other animals. The director was obsessed with it. He was sent pictures and he kept going up to random people showing them the horrific monsters he’d created!”

And what about the gross-out humour we’ve come to expect?

Tom: “In episode one quite a few women were charged with spitting at me. It was a strange time in my life trying to convince a 90 year-old Bulgarian woman to spit in my face when she really didn’t want to! But yes that’s happened in my life now – a nice, old Bulgarian lady has spat right in my face.”

Your character Marcus does seem to bear the brunt of it!

Tom: “In the second episode I get piss poured on me about three times too. But that’s the job really. There’s no point being in Plebs if you’re not into being humiliated in every single way possible. If you ever need someone to be spat at or get piss thrown on him, I’m your guy – it’s on my show reel now!”

Series four of Plebs starts on Monday 9th April on ITV2 at 10pm with a double-bill. Guest stars include Robert Lindsay, Ollie Locke and Annette Badland.

Updated 04/04/18

Plebs 4 episode 3…. itv2

Monday 16th April 2018 22:00 to 22:30

The Marathon.

It’s marathon time and the city’s gone into a frenzy of fundraising. So when Grumio’s mistaken as a charity case, Marcus spies a money-making opportunity. Jason bets Aurelius he can beat him in the big race despite not having run since junior school.

Updated 01/04/18

If you were there then it looks like everyone had a good time, Plebs 4 Screening selfie

Updated 31/03/18

Yes folks the wait is nearly over, PLEBS 4 screening date is Monday April 9th on ITV2 with episodes one and 2 running back to back, starts at 10:00pm UK times….

Episode 1:The Accident.

Following a catastrophic industrial accident, the boys respond in their own ways: Marcus immediately seeks financial compensation, while Grumio prefers to ‘go to seed’ at home. Then Jason, a cheery out-of-work builder steps into their lives.

Episode 2 : The Critic.

Despite only being open a few days, the boys’ bar receives a devastating ‘1 Fork’ review from Athena, the leading food critic in Rome. Grumio invites her back for a re-match with his experimental new menu; while Jason can’t stop hiring waitresses.

Dust off your togas because the plebs are back!! But when’s it start??? Over to you boys…#PLEBS @PlebsComedy @MrRyanSampson @rosentweets @JonPointing pic.twitter.com/mKWzgw8X33

You can also catch the boys on: Sunday Brunch

Channel 4 Date: Sunday 8th April 2018

09:30 to 12:45

Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer host the Sunday food and chat show. Guests include Vernon Kay, who chats about hosting Channel 5’s Formula E show, Kathleen Turner gives the lowdown on her one woman show Finding My Voice, Alex Jones talks about her book Winging It! Parenting in the Middle of Life; Tom Rosenthal and Ryan Sampson discuss the new series of Plebs, while Michiel Huisman chats about his role in the upcoming film The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Plus live performance from Lissie, singing Best Days.

Meanwhile Ryan tests out his photo skills in Belin

Updated 28/03/18

The Plebs release date on UK TV is nearly here, meanwhile check out these ITV2 Plebs 4 Trailers, looking good..

Updated 22/03/18

Well folks anyone what to see the first two episodes of Plebs 4 before if goes on TV, well if you are in London or can make this event on March 28th, where is what @PlebsComedy Tweeted………..

Salve Plebs! To celebrate the launch of Series 4, we’re holding a SPECIAL FAN SCREENING in advance of the @itv2 transmission. To join us follow this link “PLEBS Series 4 – Special Fan Screening”

Updated 15/03/18

Yes folks Plebs 4 is nearly due for release (all we need is a screen date) meanwhile there was a press release so at least we know it’s on the way….

Updated 13/03/18

If you follow Ryan in Instagram, check out this “headphones at a silent disco” Sorry to Ruby, looking a bit blurry.

“Headphones at a Silent Disco”

As the man says himeself….. mrryansampsonThe enjoyable feeling of your mate trying out virtual reality and looking like a megadiv while you take photo evidence.

Updated 11/03/18

Does anyone remember Horrible Histories and the missing episodes, well you can catch Ryan On CBBC in……

Horrible Histories CBBC (633) Thursday 8th March 2018 Time: 19:00 to 19:30

Formidable Florence Nightingale.

Sketch comedy series. A tribute to Florence Nightingale, The Lady with the Lamp ‘just don’t let Florence hear you calling her that!’ The programme charts how Florence revolutionised medicine and the treatment of the sick during the Crimean War, but also how she also unwittingly sparked the public’s desire for trinkets and tat featuring her image. Elsewhere, there’s the bizarre practice of Victorian war tourism (tea, cake and carnage), a look at some Embarrassing Victorian Bodies, and a visit to Mary Seacole’s British Hotel.

(Stereo, New Episode, Widescreen, Subtitles, Audio Described, Series 8, Episode 11, 4 Star)

Starring: Tom Stourton, Ryan Sampson, Richard David-Caine, Jalaal Hartley, Jessica Ransom, Gemma Whelan

Updated 07/03/18

Well everyone the wait is nearly over…….

Plebs Series 4 launches in April with a cast change

It has been announced that Series 4 of Plebs will launch on ITV2 this April.

However, the series will see a major cast change. Joel Fry, who played Stylax across the first three series, has left the show. Jonathan Pointing has joined the key cast as happy-go-lucky builder Jason.

Series 4 of Plebs starts with the lives of Marcus (Tom Rosenthal) and Grumio (Ryan Sampson) being “thrown into turmoil as the sudden departure of Stylax is met by the equally sudden arrival of dappy blonde builder and new-Pleb-on-the-block Jason”.

Producers say: “Upheaval gives way to hope when they manage to procure an abandoned toilet from crooked property developer Crassus (Robert Lindsay), which they decide to convert into Rome’s hottest new wine-bar – ‘The Crown and Toga’.

“With Grumio as head-chef, Jason and waterboy/man Aurelius on drinks and Marcus as manager, this could be the boys’ chance to finally hit the big time and become players in the most exciting city in the world.”

This status leads to new adventures as they tangle with Rome’s foremost food critic, launch a cabaret night with a scathing satirist, take part in the city’s marathon and host a snail-racing syndicate – before coming up against their biggest challenge so far, an aggressive take-over bid from a local Germanian bar famous for their popular brown-liquid ‘beer’.

The new series sees the return of past cast regulars including Doon Mackichan as Flavia, Karl Theobald as Landlord, Tom Basden as Aurelius, Tom Davis as Davus and Maureen Lipman as Landlady.

The producers add: “As has become Plebs tradition, a host of dazzling adversaries will be stepping into the Roman arena, with special cameos coming from top acting and comedic talent including the previously mentioned Robert LindsayOllie LockeAisling BeaEllie TaylorSteve OramAnnette BadlandRachel ParrisAngus Wright and Daniel Rigby.”

Series 4 of Plebs launches on ITV2 this April. Meanwhile work is now also under way on a US remake of the show.

Series 1 to 3 of Plebs are available on Netflix and on DVD. The original soundtrack is also available to buy……

Or as Ryan Tweeted…. “Brand new Pleb”

Updated 06/03/18

If you want to listen to Ryan on Matt Skillington’s Skillieve it or not! Podcast, follow this link to Soundcloud, and guess what… IT’S FREE…

Ryan on Matt Skillington’s Skillieve it or not! Podcast

Updated 02/03/18

Even Ryan has to warn “WHATSAPP”…. !

Updated 27/02/18

Are you bored waiting for the next series of Plebs 4, then why not catch Ryan in some of his best material so far by watching Horrible Histories and the last series of Plebs (Plebs 3), here is a little shot of what’s coming up and when….

Updated 03/02/18

Ryan does a Selfie with a mirror, it’s behind you… !

Updated 28/01/18

Well you can’t say Ryan doesn’t keep up in the picture…

Updated 26/01/18

As Ryan Says….

“Fidget spinner in some horse shit. RIP 2017”

Say no more !

Updated 10/01/18

Well everyone it’s that time of the year again, so we at the Ryan Sampson Website would like to wish Ryan and everyone of you a Happy New Year,

The Admins….

Updated 30/12/17

Well everyone it’s that time of the year again, so we at the Ryan Sampson Website would like to wish Ryan and everyone of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

The Admins….

Updated 22/12/17

As Ryan says “new hair who dis?”

Updated 16/12/17

Ryan is in the next series of the Crown being shown on Netflix, we don’t know yet which episode he will be in so watch out for him playing Dudley Moore, Series 2 starts Friday Dec 8th.

Updated 06/12/17

Well he always loves a good time… as Ryan says “Nonsense”….

And what else would you do when in India, “The dog Follower”……Us with a dog who followed us for a bit in India. #bestie

Updated 04/12/17

You can watch a clip of Ryan in the “The Frankenstein Chronicles”

‘I do not believe that you are responsible for this murder…’

The Frankenstein Chronicles. Tonight 10pm, ITV Encore: Sky Channel 123 and NOW TV.

“The Frankenstein Chronicles”

Updated 29/11/17

We at the Ryan Sampson Website would like to wish Ryan a “Very Happy Birthday” for November 28th….

You can see some of Ryan’s great talents on his agents Show-reel, just follow this link

“Ryan’s Showreel”

Updated 27/11/17

If you follow Ryan on Instagram you can see what he is up to.. This time it’s roller skating, this man has so many talents ….

Ryan Roller skating

Updated 26/11/17

It’s eyes down or as Ryan says….

Updated 17/11/17

Answers to Ryan’s question…

“In a peculiar twist of fate me & flatmate have been given 100 Egyptian flags. Please submit suggestions as to what we do with them. Currently we have ‘put one through everyone’s letter box as a surrealist gesture’. Go.”

Updated 11/11/17

Remember everyone Season 2 of The Frankenstein Chronicles is being shown on Sky Channel ITV Encore each Wednesday at 10:00pm

Updated 08/11/17

Don’t forget to buy your brand new BBC 2017 DVD copy of #HorribleHistories Series 7. This item is out today.

Follow this link to Amazon “Horrible Histories – Series 7”

Updated 06/11/17

Are you having a Hearing problem, then listen up “#ears” as Ryan says…..

Updated 04/11/17

If all else fails, as Ryan says, “When you find yourselves in the club without a Halloween outfit, sometimes you just have to improvise”….

Updated 29/10/17

Once a Throne always a throne….. as Ryan says “I walked halfway up a mountain and found an 80s armchair and here I am sitting in it”

Looks like Ryan is stuck between a rock and a hard place, next stop K2 or even Mount Everest….. or as he says “Climbed up a mountain and sat on it for a bit, then came back down. It was excellent”.

Updated 23/10/17

At last Season 2 of The Frankenstein Chronicles is been shown on Sky channel ITV Encore, Wednesday November 1st at 10pm, follow this link for the article or read it all below….

“The Frankenstein Chronicles’ Season 2”

TV Encore Sets Premiere Date For ‘The Frankenstein Chronicles’ Season 2

The second season of The Frankenstein Chronicles will premiere on ITV Encore on Wednesday November 1st at 10pm, it has been announced.

Created by Benjamin Ross and Barry Langford, The Frankenstein Chronicles is set in Regency London in 1827 and follows Inspector John Marlott, a talented investigator who is recruited by Home Secretary Sir Robert Peel to bring a chilling and diabolical killer to justice. As the investigation unfolded, it became clear that a demonic power at work in the city, attempting to reanimate the dead in a curious parody of the celebrated Frankenstein novel. The drama series is produced by Rainmark Films in association with Far Moor and stars Sean Bean, Ed Stoppard, Richie Campbell, Robbie Gee, Ryan Sampson, Vanessa Kirby and Tom Ward.

In season two John Marlott is no longer a mere mortal and his purpose is to seek revenge on Lord Daniel Hervey for taking his life, and to redeem his soul after being wrongly convicted and hanged for murder. Marlott must operate outside the law as he comes up against dark forces in high society and in the dangerous slums of the over-crowded capital. In the darkest corners of Georgian London, Marlott acts as defender of the poor and destitute as he fights to clear his name and bring Hervey to justice. Joining the cast for season two is Maeve Dermody (SS-GB, And Then There Were None) and Laurence Fox (LewisFast Freddie The Widow And Me).

Updated 19/10/17

Wheelbarrow and Windmills, say no more, looks like Grumio has a slave to drive him around Rome.

Updated 16/10/17

As Ryan says on Instagram…. “These lovely bastards travelled across Europe to come and stand in front of a fountain with me. What a lovely bunch of lovely bastards” @leebrazillisbest @isacwolf @dave_pixie

Updated 15/10/17

What better outfit to where in Rome than your birthday suit… !

as Ryan says “Another day another dollar”.

Updated 09/10/17

As Ryan says “Relaxing Sunday”…. nightmare !

Instagram “Relaxing Sunday”

Updated 08/10/17

Costume, what costume…. as Ryan says “In an effort to make them invisible under my toga, the costume department are slowly eroding my thermals, making them smaller and smaller, so now they’ve turned into a sort of fetish woollen leotard. They are my favourite outfit. Cosy yet sexually provocative”

Updated 02/10/17

What to do on your days off while filming, as Ryan says “A song of staggering beauty”….

Instagram Ryan Reading his book

Updated 02/10/17

When on the Plebs 4 filming set what else would you wear, as Ryan says “You know it’s going to be a difficult filming day when one of these appears on your costume pile”,

Updated 29/09/17

With Horrible Histories showing on UK TV BBC (CBBC), the full list was for 15 episodes, so far they have shown:

Monstrous Musicians

Exceptional Explorers

Ridiculous Romantics

Atrocious Artists

Heroic Heroes & Villainous Villains

Ingenious Inventors

Preposterous US Presidents

Ruthless Rulers

Revolting Russian Revolutions

Horrid Health

We don’t know yet when the next new episode will be shown, We understand they will be out in 2018, as soon as we know more we will keep you updated…….

Meanwhile in Bulgaria on the Plebs Four set, Ryan has become very fluent in Bulgarian, if you have Instagram you can see and hear him speaking, just follow this link:

“Ryan speaking Bulgarian”

Updated 24/09/17

Don’t forget everyone Monday Sept 18th next new Episode of Horrible Histories on CBBC at 5:25pm is called “Horrid Health” starring Ryan Sampson…


Meanwhile on the Plebs 4 set, everything seems to be going at a snails pace, hope that’s not Ryan’s lunch !

Updated 17/09/17

As Ryan says “Bros before hoes”…

Updated 16/09/17

What kind of creature carries a small amount of luggage….

L’Escargot, or as Ryan wants us to guess, “How many snails in the jar. 1st prize wins a jar full of snails”.

Updated 14/09/17

At long last Ryan Sampson followers, Plebs 4 has started filming, follow these links to a few articles…

“Plebs 4 ITV2” “Comedy UK TV News – Plebs 4”

  • Filming has started today on Series 4 of ITV2‘s hit sitcom Plebs
    • Eight new episodes are being made
    • The series will be shown on TV in Spring 2018

ITV2 has confirmed that Plebs, the multi-award-winning sitcom set in Roman times, is to return for a fourth series.

Filming begins today in Bulgaria on 8 brand new episodes.

The show has been recommissioned as over a million viewers regularly tuned in across the first three series, making it the highest rated British scripted comedy on multichannel television.

Plebs, described as a “a thoroughly modern comedy in an ancient setting”, is written by Sam Leifer and Tom Basden. It stars Tom RosenthalJoel Fry and Ryan Sampson as three young men living in Rome who are “trying to get laid, hold down jobs and climb the social ladder”.

Filming takes place at a studio in Bulgaria, with Leifer also directing the Rise Films production.

The channel says: “Casting and storylines will be confirmed nearer transmission in Spring 2018.”

The first three series of the sitcom are available on DVD, and the popular original sound track is also available to buy.

Updated 12/09/17

Well as Ryan says on Twitter…. 

Ryan Sampson @MrRyanSampson

“Bloody love a good fountain I do”

 Updated 10/09/17

Next Mondays Episode on Sept 11th on CBBC at 5:25 pm of Horrible Histories Starring Ryan Sampson

Here is a short clip on the BBC I-Player

“Revolting Russian Revolutions”

Updated 09/09/17

If you missed the last episode of Horrible Histories with Ryan, just follow this link to the BBC I-Player

“Horrible Histories series-7 Episode 8 Ruthless Rulers”

Get ready for some serious bad behaviour, as Horrible Histories brings you the most ruthless rulers of all time. Henry VIII is so demanding he has a brick wall built at his bedroom door every night, those vicious Vikings find that sorry seems to be the hardest word, hold your nose in Versailles because Louis XIV hasn’t got any loos, and rock out with the Warlords from Hell – take it away Genghis and Vlad..

Updated 05/09/17

Ryan Sampson in the next episode of Horrible Histories, Monday Sept 4th called “Ruthless Rulers” on CBBC 5:25pm

Updated 03/09/17

Here are a few photos of Ryan from Horrible Histories… enjoy.

Updated 01/09/17

If you missed the last episodes of Horrible Histories, just follow this link on the BBC I-Player to watch it again

“Horrible Histories series-7 episode 7 Preposterous Presidents”

You can also watch Ryan in this YouTube Clip…”Theodore Roosevelt and Teddy Bears” – Horrible Histories

Updated 29/08/17

Ryan Sampson Starring in Next Mondays Episode of The New Horrible Histories called ‘Preposterous Presidents ‘ on CBBC Aug 28th at 5.25pm

And here is a short clip, Get the Latest Phone from Alexander Graham Bell | Horrible Histories

Updated 26/08/17

Not Rome yet but, as Ryan says “mrryansampsonDweeb club abroad…. With Ruby Bentall

Looks like Mr Sampson has “Fringe with benefits”…. !

mrjoshgrantWe escaped and we were thrilled. #LockedInEdinburgh with @moulder13 and @mrryansampson #EscapeRoom #edinburghfringe

Updated 23/08/17

The next episode of Horrible Histories is on CBBC Monday Aug 21st at 5:25 pm, here is a little taster…

Horrible Histories – Johannes Gutenberg invents the printing press

Updated 20/08/17

Watch Ryan as Steve Biceps, only he could pull it off, we mean the shirt.. ! 

Updated 18/08/17

Catch Ryan singing and dancing as Al Capone on the BBC I-Player,

just follow this link.. “Time to go downtown with Al Capone!

Updated 16/08/17

Don’t forget folks to watch…

Monday Aug 14th on CBBC at 5:25.pm Horrible Histories starring Ryan this weeks Episode is called “Villianous Villians”

Updated 13/08/17

When you at the Wilderness Festival……

“You know when you’re dancing, in a field, dressed as a medieval knight of the realm and your nipple slips out, and someone takes a photo of you? Yeah me too. #wilderness “

And as Ryan says….. “Well that was fun… WILDERNESS”

Updated 12/08/17

You can catch this weeks Horrible Histories on the BBC I-Player, just follow this link and you can even see Ryan in his Green Pants….

“Horrible Histories – Series 7: 4. Atrocious Artists”

Updated 07/08/17

Ryan Sampson in Next Weeks Episode of The New Series of Horrible Histories on CBBC called Atrocious Artists, Aug 7th 2017

Updated 06/08/17

PLEBS 4 is on the return, well nearly, as Ryan says ….. What’s more exciting? RT for: “tweet announcing series 4 of Plebs” Like for: “getting a glimpse of inside Tom’s nostril…

Updated 01/08/17

You have to be quick it won’t last long…. Horrible Histories, BBC I-Player, follow this link..

“Horrible Histories – Series 7: 3. Ridiculous Romantics”

Horrible Histories charts the path towards true love. Henry VIII enlists the help of maitre d’ Fred Sirieix as he tries to find the right wife on Historic First Dates. Elsewhere, we sample some medieval Munich love magic, see how Renaissance men tried to impress the ladies, listen to some of history’s greatest love letters, and watch as King Alfonso of Spain’s wedding takes a turn he’s not expecting…

Updated 31/07/17

We can officially confirm..

Updated 30/07/17

Horrible Histories Check it…

Lookin’ fresh was essential for every Italian Renaissance bruv and these guys are on point…..

“Horrible Histories : The Renaissance Boys”

“Facebook Link”

Updated 28/07/17

Well people if you missed the Second episode of Horrible Histories series Seven (with Mr Sampson) you have to be quick, if you want to watch it again, see it on the BBC I-Player, just follow this link….

Horrible Histories – “Exceptional Eexplorers”

Updated 24/07/17

CBBC I-Player clip, quick people we don’t know how long this will last so watch it while you can, the very talented Mr Ryan Sampson in Horrible Histories series 7, starts Monday July 24th… enjoy..

“Horrible Histories – Series 7”

Updated 21/07/17

When you need to lay down, why not do it in the grass…. as Ryan says…..

Updated 20/07/17

Horrible Histories Monday 24 July 5.30pm-6.00pm CBBC

Updated 17/07/17

You know you have hit the BIG TIME when your character (Grumio) is an actual tattoo on someones leg, well done, as Ryan says “I am indelibly etched onto a man’s leg skin. Life is complete.”

Updated 13/07/17

At long last we have an OFFICIAL DATE for Series Seven of “Horrible Histories”, take a look at this link or read the article below…

“Horrible Histories – Explorers”

Ep 1/15 Monday 24 July 5.30pm-6.00pm CBBC

Multi award-winning Horrible Histories is back with a new series on CBBC.

Taking a unique and hilarious perspective on some of history’s most famous events and quirky characters, highlights of the new series include:

  • Henry VIII meeting a succession of blind dates – helped by First Dates’ Maître d’, Fred Sirieix
  • Formidable Florence Nightingale, The Lady With The Lamp, who revolutionized medicine and the treatment of the sick during the Crimean War, but also unwittingly sparked the public’s desire for trinkets and tat featuring her image
  • In the Hideous History Of Health, we learn about everything from the invention of toilet paper to Louis XIV’s bottom problems

The first episode of this new series looks at some of the world’s greatest explorers, from the very first conquests of new land to Alan Shepherd venturing into space. We look at murderous Vikings, the seafaring sons of Devon, a man who chisels his way out of an avalanche using only his own poo, and discover that tales of the Cities of Gold might just have been invented by the Mayans to keep the Spanish Explorers busy.

Those appearing in this series include regulars Gemma Whelan (Moorside, Game of Thrones), Tom Stourton (Bafta-nominated, Siblings/Captain Webb), Jessica Ransom (Bafta winner, Doc Martin), Ryan Sampson (Plebs), Jalaal Hartley (Cucumber/The Borgias) and special guests Sanjeev Bhaskar (The Kumars at 42, Unforgotten) and Fredi Sirieix (First Dates).

Horrible Histories is a Lion TV production for CBBC.

Pictured: Henry VIII (Tom Stourton) and Queen Elizabeth (Louise Ford) waiting to try First Dates

Updated 08/07/17

We have some breaking news….. Ryan will be the voice over character of “Pieface” in the new series “Dennis and Gnasher: Unleashed” coming soon to CBBC.

Here is a link to the full article “Voice cast announced for new Dennis The Menace series”

CBBC has announced the voice cast for Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed, the new animated comedy series based around the famous Beano character.

The BBC explains the forthcoming 52-part TV adventure, which promises to “deliver high-energy humour and inspire imagination”, will showcase a brand-new look and feel for the much-loved Dennis The Menace, his fearless friends and their hometown. “Their action-packed world will be brought to life using the latest CGI 3D techniques, bringing Beanotown and its residents bang up to date for the newest generation of fans.”

It was revealed earlier in the year that Freddie Fox would take on the lead role of voicing Dennis, however producers have now confirmed the rest of the cast list.

Rasmus Hardiker, who also voices characters on Scream Street and Danger Mouse, joins the cast as Dennis’ archrival, the pompous Walter, who is always out to ruin the fun for Dennis and his pals. The BBC says: “Following his famed role as Count Duckula in Danger Mouse, Rasmus is the ideal fit for the sneaky and self-centered Walter, who will do anything it takes to be the teacher’s pet. Always cunning and quick to boss around the other kids, he never misses an opportunity to exploit his status as the son of Beanotown’s mayor.”

Plebs star Ryan Sampson will voice the lovable and cheeky Pieface. The producers says: “Sampson offers an inspired depiction of Pieface, who is known for alternating moments of daftness with those of pure brilliance. Pieface is never seen without Paul, the pet potato he carries in his pocket.”

Lending her voice to brand new character, JJ, is Horrible Histories actor Kathryn Drysdale. JJ is described as the boldest best friend a kid could hope for with a no-nonsense attitude. The BBC says the role is “brought to life through Kathryn’s wealth of experience in playing strong, assertive female leads. Fast, strong and enthusiastic JJ is the perfect match for Dennis in his unending quest for adventure.”

Kelly-Marie Stewart, who plays Hayley in Hollyoaks, will also voice a new character, Rubi Von Screwtop, the group’s techno-whizz and budding inventor. Sharp-witted and quick-thinking, Rubi doesn’t let anything hold her back, racing ahead on adventures and kitting the gang out with the best devices along the way.

Rounding off the cast is Joanna Ruiz (Cloud BabiesHorrid Henry) who adds her well-respected ‘cartoon-voicing clout’ to the cast as Bash Street School’s top detention distributer. Mrs Creecher is always keen to foil any plotting by the gang. Ruiz will also play Dennis’ eccentric, but lovable, Gran who cheers the gang on from her perch on her Harley-Davidson, as well as a host of other Bash Street characters.

Dennis And Gnasher: Unleashed will air in late 2017 on CBBC. The below video, in which Freddie Fox introduces his character, also features the first clips from the new series:

Updated 03/07/17

Now we know it’s summer (still) so here is Ryan, as he Quotes “Summer facial hair status: getting there” from his Instagram post..

Updated 22/06/17

Now we don’t know how long this clip from CBBC’s Horrible Histories will last so watch it (spot Ryan Sampson in his many roles) while you can… enjoy “Horrible Histories with Ryan Sampson”

Updated 14/06/17

Hi everyone, at long last we have a screen date for Horrible Histories with Ryan playing many characters, here is a little preview, just follow this link “H Factor Auditions – Ludwig Van Beethoven”

Horrible Histories is back! Check out the Monstrous Musicians special, June 15th Thursday at 17:00 on CBBC.

Updated 09/06/17

We came across this old article of Ryan Lee Hooper

Lee Hooper is a Fine Art photographer who was brought up in a number of exotic locations such as Hong Kong before settling in the less than exotic Midlands in the 90’s. Lee is a stylish young chap, with a love for fashion, style, music and the arts. Lee’s style is part German preppy, part 50’s throwback (not rockabilly though).

Thursday, 6 January 2011

From the forthcoming amazing new Mens magazine Everyman

“Romantic Revivalist”

Updated 25/05/17

We are still waiting for confirmation but looks like Horrible Histories Series 7 will be put back until later this year….

“Horrible Histories – Series Seven”

Updated 23/05/17

BREAKING NEWS….. ITV have ordered a fourth series of Plebs, here is the full article and link to Chortle “Plebs Flour – Chortle”

Plebs to return for a fourth series

New series to shoot this summer

Plebs is returning for a fourth series.

Chortle understands that filming on the ancient Roman sitcom will resume in August, with eight more episodes ordered by ITV.

Tom Rosenthal, Joel Fry and Ryan Sampson are all expected to return as lead characters Marcus, Stylax and Grumio. Sam Leifer will again direct and co-write the series with Tom Basden.

The ITV2 comedy, which is shot in Bulgaria, began repeats on the main ITV channel in 2015. The last series typically attracted 600,000 viewers on overnight ratings for the first outing of each episode on ITV2.

Guest stars have included Doon Mackichan. Danny Dyer, Shaun Williamson, Simon Callow, Naz Osmanoglu and Rosenthal’s father Jim.

Sampson will also be joining the cast of Horrible Histories for its forthcoming seventh series, alongside Lolly Adefope, Ellie White, Samson Kayo, Totally Tom‘s’ Tom Palmer and James McNicholas of the sketch trio Beasts. Sanjeev Bhaskar is also returning to the children’s comedy, as are Gemma Whelan, Jessica Ransom and Tom Stourton.

An ITV spokesman declined to comment on Plebs ahead of any official announcement.

– by Jay Richardson

Published: 4 May 2017

Updated 06/05/17

A good interview with Ryan at the Wool & Water Website… Follow this Link “The Curious Interview: Ryan Sampson”

Or read the full article below….

The Curious Interview: Ryan Sampson

Ryan Sampson is both an actor and a writer and manages to do both of those things brilliantly. He is probably best known as Grumio in the British sitcom Plebs but has also been in Doctor Who, Glitchy (a show he created himself), The Frankenstein Chronicles (which he is currently filming the second season of), Up The Women and The Work Experience to mention just a few… and that doesn’t even cover his theatre roles which have ranged from musicals, comedy and new writing.

Ryan is a tour de force, hugely talented, quick witted, endlessly curious and constantly creative – aka the perfect Curious Interview subject!

The Curious Interview with Ryan Sampson

What are you most curious about?

How people work, why people do the things that they do – I think psychology is often why people are actors. We are curious about the machinations of people.

I’m curious about why I want to do the things I want to. I’ve been going to a hypnotherapist recently because I think there are certain things which are quite malleable inside people. If you have certain inclinations towards things for example than you could either amplify or change things so I thought I’d give that a go.

It’s been really interesting, they use your own words to spin the beliefs or perspectives you have. It’s quite gentle but afterwards you think ‘ooh that was quite fascinating’.

How does your curiosity serve your creativity?

If you’re a writer and actor, your curiosity is basically all you’ve got, so it massively affects my creativity. It drives you mad sometimes because you’re always picking at things. I have one of those minds that is a bit annoyingly niggly about things, I will obsess over stuff. I’ll write an idea because of something that I’ve overheard in a conversation that then balloons into something, a sort of obsession.

Recently I started writing a radio play about a mother who removed herself and her children from modern life and preserved this innocent, 1940’s style of world for them, free from any modern influence. That all came from a lyric I heard that was about a girl who lives on a marshland.

What inspires you?

Being outside, which I am not often enough being an actor and writer. I do try and work outside sometimes but my papers blow away… I think humans have a natural reset button inside them which can be pushed by certain things like being surrounded by…I read how Green as a colour has a strong significance for people as when we feel we are in fertile places our bodies can relax, we’re programmed that way.

I am also very inspired by travelling, I went to India in January which was amazing and really eye opening. There are a lot of people who are just happy, arbitrarily. Part of their culture is about keeping the people around them happy. They have a saying which translates as “A Guest is God” so any stranger, foreigner or not, they just talk to them and it makes them a very friendly group of people.

How would you describe your style?

I used to dress really eccentrically and recently I’ve stopped doing it. I’ve been debating with myself whether that’s a shame or not but I think because other things have taken precedence, like my writing, you just want to be able to do that. I want more functional things, maybe that’s about getting older too.

10 years ago fashion was much more exuberant, certainly for men and now it is much more functional. I’m all about a good solid basic in 4 different colours right now.

I reach for a more ‘eccentric’ piece when it has a memory attached to it or story. For example had a dressing gown and some shirts made in India in beautiful Sari materials. The shirt maker I found made really quite boring, conventional shirts so I went to a Sari shop and bought the silk to take to him. He wasn’t very happy but they’re so nice.

I like vintage details, Ties that belonged to my Dad, a belt that was made by the company that make pieces for the Queen’s Horseguards. I like little details that I am a bit more attached to.

What do you particularly like about Wool & Water?

I like that you make them – the pieces, the packaging, it all has a strong personal identity. That’s what I mean by choosing things that have personal significance, if you know where it comes from it feels like it has a lasting value, whereas so many things nowadays don’t. I like the narrative behind the label, knowing your story behind it.

Ryan’s Wool & Water piece of choice are the Blue & Red Braces/Suspenders

Follow Ryan’s adventures on Twitter and Instagram via @MrRyanSampson

Updated 15/04/17

If any of you can access I-Tunes you can watch The Last Post with Ryan, just follow this Link – The Last Post – on I-Tunes

Updated 27/03/17

Hi everyone, The Frankenstein Chronicles has started filming in Northern Ireland, read all about it on this link…..

Sean Bean begins filming second season of ‘The Frankenstein Chronicles’

Sean Bean begins filming second season of ‘The Frankenstein Chronicles’

Posted March 25, 2017 by William Martin & filed under Headlines.

The new season of ITV Encore’s The Frankenstein Chronicles has started filming in Northern Ireland.

Incorporating elements from Mary Shelley’s Gothic literary classic, the period crime drama launched in November 2015, starring Sean Bean (Game of ThronesSharpe) as Inspector John Marlott.

The Frankenstein Chronicles is set in Georgian London in 1827 and was created by Benjamin Ross (The Young Poisoner’s Handbook) and writer Barry Langford (Torte Bluma).

A second season of six episodes was announced last summer.

The official synopsis reads: “[Season 2] sees Bean return as John Marlott – no longer a mere mortal, Marlott’s purpose is to seek revenge on Lord Daniel Hervey for taking his life, and to redeem his soul after being wrongly convicted and hanged for murder.

“…Marlott must operate outside the law as he comes up against dark forces in high society and in the dangerous slums of the over-crowded capital. In his pursuit of Hervey, Marlott takes on the establishment in the form of Robert Peel’s newly formed Police force and the Church. In the darkest corners of Georgian London, Marlott acts as defender of the poor and destitute as he fights to clear his name and bring Hervey to justice.”

Sean Bean (Game of Thrones) will be joined by Laurence Fox (Lewis), Ed Stoppard (Cilla), Maeve Dermody (And Then There Were None), Richie Campbell (Liar), Robbie Gee (Snatch), Ryan Sampson (Holby City), Tom Ward (Silent Witness) and Vanessa Kirby (About Time).

Executive producer Tracey Scoffield commented last year: “We are thrilled to be working once more with Sean Bean in the role of John Marlott, who is a returning hero like no other. We want to be more ambitious than ever with Season 2.”

Tags: Anna Maxwell MartinBarry LangfordBenjamin RossCharlie Creed-MilesEd StoppardElliot CowanITV EncoreJoe TuckerKate DickieRobbie GeeRyan Sampson, Sean BeanSteven BerkoffThe Frankenstein ChroniclesTom Ward

Updated 26/03/17

Breaking news, we have an update from Ryan….

There are more “Frankenstein Chronicles” to come. Also he has filmed a small part on “The Crown” (playing Dudley Moore)….

Updated 15/03/17

When Ryan Likes an Instagram Photo you know you have made it big time, well done @ghastlycastle instagram.com/p/BRAiMfEh7ZA/

Updated 27/02/17

If anyone of you follow Ryan on Instagram you may have seen his Bathroom beard selfie, to redeem himself after Merkel-gate..

Updated 12/02/17

While Ryan takes a break from Twitter to get some work done, he does pop back from time to time…

Updated 08/02/17

Hi everyone, Ryan is appearing in Series Seven of Horrible Histories, we are still waiting to hear the broadcast date, as soon as we know we let you all know so keep watching this website

Updated 02/02/17

For all you Plebs fans fear not, you can catch up on Series 2 on ITV2 Wednesday 18th January 2017 22:00 to 22:30

The Baby. Series 2, episode 3.

Sitcom set in ancient Rome. While doing the recycling, Grumio finds a baby behind the bins and takes it home to raise as his own. Stylax uses it to strike up a relationship with an attractive young wet nurse. Meanwhile, Marcus tries to avoid seeing Cynthia’s painfully boring one-woman play.

ITV2 Wednesday 25th January 2017 22:00 to 22:30

The New Slave. Series 2, episode 5.

Sitcom set in ancient Rome. The boys buy an eccentric slave called Mushki at an auction. Grumio finds his position in the household gradually usurped as the new guy impresses Marcus. Stylax, however, has a sneaking suspicion that Mushki might be a psychopath.

(Stereo, Repeat, Widescreen, Subtitles, Audio Described, 2014, 4 Star)

Also Doctor Who

Sunday 22nd January 2017 17:00 to 18:00

The Sontaran Stratagem. Series 30, episode 4.

A cracking adventure from David Tennant’s third series as the mysterious hero. Martha summons the Doctor back to Earth, where an old enemy lies in wait.

Updated 13/01/17

When you see a Bag shop in India what better name to give it than the “The Big C”

Updated 12/01/17

Another photo from India with Mr Sampson, “Boat-What”.. ?

Updated 05/01/17

As usual nothing happens for ages then it all appears at once, Ryan in India Day 7…

Well then if you see a bargain, grab it (or them) while you can, at least Ryan hasn’t made a spectacle of himself ..

Updated 04/01/17

Happy New Year from Ryan and the Website Admins..

Updated 31/12/16

Usually we say “When in Rome” but in Ryan’s case it’s “When in India”, off on his travels…

Updated 29/12/16

Mr Ryan Sampson having a jolly Christmas with his family…

Updated 26/12/16

We want to wish Ryan and everyone a very Merry Christmas…

Well that was really nice of Ryan to give us an update for his Website…

Updated 16/12/16

As the man himself says “mrryansampson I have been in this voiceover room for 7 hours and I have lost my grip on sanity”…

Updated 15/12/16

If all else fails, try an “Empty-fridge cocktail” amazing what you can put together these days…

Updated 13/12/16

If you feel you have no motivation and you are bored, why not combine the two (excuse the spelling), why not do what Ryan does and get a “Motivation Board”…

Updated 12/12/16

Plebs has been nominated in the Writers’ Guild Awards shortlist 2017 for Best TV Situation Comedy, to see the full shortlist follow this link.. Writers Guild Awards Shortlist 2017 or read all the nominations below.

Writers’ Guild Awards shortlist

December 6, 2016

We are delighted to announce the shortlist for the annual Writers’ Guild Awards, to be presented by writer, comedian and actress Meera Syal (pictured left) on Monday 23 January 2017 at the Royal College of Physicians in central London.

Commenting on her involvement in this year’s awards, Meera Syal said: “Someone once said, probably a writer, that the writer is the only true originator of a script, everyone else that follows is merely an interpreter. Whilst the directors and producers slug it out, let’s at least agree that whilst everyone can have a great idea, it takes a great writer to bring it to life. And I’m very honoured to be hosting the WGGB Awards where we can come together to celebrate our extraordinary community of writing talent.”

The shortlist in 12 categories follows (in addition, a special award for Outstanding Contribution to Writing is presented at the ceremony every year):

Best Long Form TV Drama
Victoria, Series 1, Episode 4, “The Clockwork Prince” (Daisy Goodwin), Trapped (Clive Bradley), Spotless, Pilot Episode (Ed McCardie)

Best Short Form TV Drama
Murder, “The Big Bang” (Robert Jones), And Then There Were None, Season 1, Episode 3 (Sarah Phelps), Ellen (Sarah Quintrell)

Best Long Running TV Series
Doctors, Season 18, Episode 29 “There Is No Place” (Claire Bennett), Coronation Street, Episode 8946 (Chris Fewtrell), Emmerdale, Season 1, Episode 7628 “Holly’s Death” (Karin Young)

Best TV Situation Comedy
Plebs, Series 3, Episode 1, “The Beasts” (Tom Basden, Sam Leifer),
 People Just Do Nothing, Series 3 (Asim Chaudhry, Allan Mustafa, Steve Stamp), Fleabag, Episode 1 (Phoebe Waller-Bridge)

Best Children’s TV Episode
Danger Mouse, Season 1, Episode 3 “Greenfinger” (James Griffiths, Mark Oswin), Hetty Feather, Series 2, Episode 10 “The Reunion” (Helen Blakeman), The Dumping Ground, Season 3, Episode 20 “Refuge” (Emma Reeves)

Best Radio Drama
Fat Little Thing (Lucy Gannon), Cuttin’ It (Charlene James), lament (Debbie Tucker Green)

Best Radio Comedy
Guilt Trip (Katherine Jakeways, Felicity Montagu, Olivia Nixon), The Pin (Ben Ashenden, Alex Owen), John Finnemore’s Double Acts, Series 1, Episode 5, “English For Pony-Lovers” (John Finnemore)

Best Writing in a Video Game
FIFA 17 “The Journey” (Martin Korda, Matthew Turner, Tom Watt), Virginia (Jonathan Burroughs, Lyndon Holland, Terry Kenny), Fragments of Him (Mata Haggis)

Best Screenplay
The Survivalist (Stephen Fingleton), Suffragette (Abi Morgan), Eye in the Sky (Guy Hibbert)

Best First Screenplay
Adult Life Skills (Rachel Tunnard), Radiator (Tom Browne, Daniel Cerqueira), Florence Foster Jenkins (Nicholas Martin)

Best Play
Escaped Alone (Caryl Churchill), Cyprus Avenue (David Ireland), All The Little Lights (Jane Upton)

Best Play for Young Audiences
What the Thunder Said (Ed Harris), This Changes Everything (Joel Horwood), Rise Up (Lisa Evans)

Updated 04/12/16

Have you ever wanted to listen to Ryan on CD, well you can on The Torchwood Archive Audio CD – Audiobook, released 31 Dec 2016, just follow this link “The Torchwood Archive”

A Special Feature-Length Anniversary Adventure Celebrating 10 Years For The TORCHWOOD team. The Torchwood Archive is a forgotten asteroid in the centre of a great war. The Torchwood Archive “Welcome, visitor. The Torchwood Archive provides a complete history of our Institute from its distant beginnings to the present day. When we founded our great enterprise in the year of our Lord 1879, we decreed that there should be a record of this achievement, stored at the very furthest limits of the British Empire. By visiting you are spreading that legacy, perhaps out through the skies. For now, I shall bid you a good day and welcome you to the Torchwood Archive. Do, please look around.” The Torchwood Archive is a forgotten asteroid in the centre of a great war. Jeremiah is its first visitor in many centuries. He’s come to learn something very important. And the ghosts of Torchwood are waiting for him. Torchwood has now been in existence for 10 years from its debut in 2006 as a Doctor Who spin-off created by top TV producer and writer Russell T Davies. It has appeared on both UK and US television, BBC radio productions, novels, and now – courtesy of Big Finish – in new audio plays. The huge interest following the announcement of the first Big Finish Torchwood series caused a website server crash even as John Barrowman was breaking the news on his radio show and this special anniversary edition brings together as many of the original cast possible, in a tale hugely anticipated by fans of the show. CAST: John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness), Eve Myles (Gwen Cooper), Gareth David Lloyd (Ianto Jones), Naoko Mori (Toshiko Sato), Indira Varma (Suzie Costello), Kai Owen (Rhys Williams), Tom Price (Andy Davidson), Tracy-Ann Oberman (Yvonne Hartman), Richie Campbell (Jeremiah Bash Henderson), Rowena Cooper (Queen Victoria), Julian Lewis Jones (Alex Hopkins), Samuel Barnett (Norton Folgate), David Warner (The Committee), Emma Reeves (Miss Trent), Krystian Godlewski (Maxim Ivanov), Guy Adams (Archie), Geoffrey Breton (Bartender), Lisa Bowerman (Miss Mitford), Laura Doddington (Delilah), Aaron Neil (Mandrake), Kerry Gooderson (Little Girl), Ryan Sampson (Ivan Putin), Damian Lynch (Kieran Frost), Paul Clayton (Mr Colchester).

Updated 04/12/16

November 28th is Ryan’s birthday so the website admins want to wish Ryan a Very Happy Birthday….

Updated 27/11/16

It’s a real shame we have to wait until 2017 for Horrible Histories, in the mean time here is Ryan and a fantastic hair challenging Laurence Oliver’s Richard III

Updated 17/11/16

Lets all vote for Ryan to get into the White house, well never mind at least he is outside

Updated 10/11/16

Do we want Plebs to win Best Returning Comedy at the I talk Telly Awards, of course we do, well you can, just vote on this link

“I Talk Telly Awards 2016”

Updated 07/11/16

Well folks if you haven’t heard already you will be pleased to know Ryan Sampson will be in the the Upcoming series seven of Horrible Histories, looking forward to it already… Follow this link to see their page “Horrible Histories – Series Seven”


The seventh series of Horrible Histories has been filmed and is set to air in 2017. Looking through images, we pieced together some estimations of what we can expect to see next year.

We cannot guarantee everything below is 100% accu-rat, but most of it is likely.

Keep an eye on this page for more information as it comes!

​CAST: The following will be starring in Horrible Histories Series 7:

  • Jalaal Hartley
  • Tom Stourton
  • Jessica Ransom
  • Gemma Whelan
  • Richard David-Caine
  • James McNicholas (NEW)
  • Ryan Sampson (NEW)​

The following people are starring as extras/supporting cast members:

  • Lousie Ford
  • Joshua Grant (production team member)

Updated 06/11/16

If you haven’t seen this already, here is Ryan playing Charles II on The Run From Oliver Cromwell from Drunk History

Charles II on The Run From Oliver Cromwell From Drunk History

Updated 06/11/16

And here we have Mr Ryan Sampson all booted and suited, maybe for a Napoleon Bonaparte part, well it looks that way, although we have never actually seen Napoleon Bonaparte, sing or dance

Important service announcement. pic.twitter.com/3nn55IHIMg

– Ryan Sampson (@MrRyanSampson) 4 November 2016

Updated 04/11/16

And a Happy Birthday to us, yes folks The Ryan Sampson Website is just over one year old….

@WhelanGemma posted a little photo of Mr Ryan Sampson, nice to know what he is up to, thanks Gemma, can’t wait for this series of #HorribleHistories

And thanks to Ryan for sharing a shot of Gemma with a Rat, living the high life again…

Updated 01/11/16

Know anyone in York? The Last Post is screening 3 times in 3 venues at this year’s Aesthetica Short Film Festival and Adam Preston will be on a panel discussion on directing on Sunday 6th…

Updated 31/10/16

Free who did Ryan say… Oh yes we get it now….

Updated 30/10/16

Screening times for The Last Post at the Red Rock Film Festival Festival City – Southern Utah | Zion Canyon USA….

The Last Post Facebook Page

Updated 24/10/16

Now was this for a bet or a new roll Ryan is getting ready for, either way it could be his new look… Hope not !

Updated 17/10/16

Came across this Youtube clip from 2009 with Ryan, a bit of early work…

Updated 15/10/16

Stars turn out for Nigel Harman’s double bill…. Read the article by following this link

“Guests included Indira Varma and Ryan Sampson”

Guests including Sherlock star Amanda Abbington and Olivier Award-winner David Bedella descended on the Trafalgar Studios last night, for a gala performance of Lunch and The Bow of Ulysses.

Nigel Harman’s Berkoff double bill stars Shaun Dooley and Emily Bruni.

Other familiar faces included Ryan Sampson, recently seen in Britten in Brooklyn at Wilton’s, and Wicked actress Ashleigh Gray.

Updated 12/10/16

Well folks it’s that time of the year when the run up the NTA (National Television Awards) has begun and this year Plebs in in the category for Best Comedy…

The vote is now OPEN!

All votes must be in by 23:00 on Sunday 23rd October for the countdown to begin…

You can follow this link to make your vote ..

The National Television Awards

Updated 11/10/16

From Sussi to X-Factor, Ryan excellent fashion dress code, they even copy him on X-Factor, how dare they… !

Updated 09/10/16

For those of you who haven’t seen The Frankenstein Chronicles, just follow this link to order your copy on DVD…

The Frankenstein Chronicles

Updated 30/09/16

Touched and Overdressed, that’s multi tasking for you…

Updated 22/09/16

Hi All, it’s been a while since we updated and added some photos to the Photo page, so if you have time just pop a long to see shots of Ryan (and some others) in “The Photo Gallery”

Updated 18/09/16

Is Ryan auditioning for Patrick Stuart, Vin Diesel or maybe even Bruce Willis. Or could it be a new charity like we had Movember or Stoptober, could it be “Baldtember”… who knows

Updated 15/09/16

Viva la Summer….

Don’t forget if you haven’t seen Britten in Brooklyn at the Wilton Music Hall it’s your last chance up to Saturday Set 17th, follow this link to their Facebook Page “Wilton Music Hall Facebook” also a link to buy tickets – “Britten in Brooklyn – Tickets”

Updated 14/09/16

Here you can see a couple of photos of Ryan at the “Britten in Brooklyn” after show party, there are others so to see the rest please visit Dan Woolers Twitter @danwooller and photos page “Britten in Brooklyn After Show Party”

Updated 07/09/16

Here is a good review for “Britten in Brooklyn”, you can see the full article by following this link to

“The Spy in The Stalls . COM – Britten in Brooklyn”

Updated 04/09/16

A Happy Sunday to us all from Ryan….

Hear My Prayer – Cover by Callie Day: Berea College Festival of Spirituals

Updated 04/09/16

A fantastic opening night for Britten in Brooklyn Friday night – well done everyone!

Also here are some photos from Britten in Brooklyn on stage…

Updated 03/09/16

Britten in Brooklyn…… Follow this link to the opening night

Broadway World

Updated 02/09/16


Meet the cast on Britten in Brooklyn

The world premiere of the new play opens at Wilton’s Music Hall

“Meet the cast of Britten in Brooklyn”

Updated 30/08/16

If anyone is free on Sept 24th then why not pop along and see Ryan in “The Last Post” at the Exit 6 Film Festival, follow them on Twitter @Exit6Filmfestival and use this link to buy tickets “TICKETS”

Comedy THE LAST POST by @AdamPreston will screen in Day Block 5. Tickets available at: http://goo.gl/BUAg2g

Also here is one of the first reviews for Britten in Brooklyn by Kevin WIlson

Updated 27/08/16

Up on the roof..

Updated 25/08/16

When it’s too hot to work and your in between rehearsals, what do you do

Updated 21/08/16

Interview with Britten in Brooklyn star Ryan Sampson

Friday, 19 August, 2016

Dom O’Hanlon

This September the world premiere of Zoe Lewis’ play Britten in Brooklyn will run in London in the stunning environment of Wilton’s Music Hall in east London. Based on true events, this passionate and thought-provoking play explores the bohemian lifestyle of Benjamin Britten, WH Auden, Carson McCullers and Gypsy Rose Lee who are living in an artistic community in Brooklyn during the Second World War. As composer Benjamin Britten finds himself exiled to America for his beliefs he finds his conflicted political ideals constantly challenged alongside a hedonistic lifestyle of constant parties and doomed affairs.

Directed by Oli Rose the cast includes Ruby Bentall (Carson McCullers), David Burnett (John Dunne), Sadie Frost (Gypsy Rose Lee), John Hollingworth (WH Auden) and Ryan Sampson who plays the central role of Benjamin Britten.

We caught up with the ‘Plebs’ and ‘After You’ve Gone’ actor to hear more about the production and his methods at creating such a unique and challenging role on stage.

David Burnett, Ryan Sampson, John Hollingworth
(photo Darren Bell)

Dom O’Hanlon: What drew you to Britten in Brooklyn and the character of Benjamin Britten?

Ryan Sampson: The character is really interesting – I like a bit of his music anyway, I’ve listened to a few pieces over the years. Then you read up on him and realise he had a very interesting life and he was quite an odd man. Some bits of which are outside of the realm of this play, but there are some really unusual aspects to his character and his life.

DOH: What’s it like being in a production at Wilton’s Music Hall? How does the piece respond to the space?

RS: It’s such a beautiful place, I thought it would be so harmonious for the play to be here. It’s all set in a great brownstone mansion, so there’s a great deal of synergy, the link between the text and the space. It’s like the world of the play and the theatre has no boundaries, one flows into the other amazingly actually. Sometimes when we’re talking about this incredible crumbling house and someone touches some plaster along the edge of the stage and you just think – this is it, the room that they’re staring into it’s really beautiful actually, it’s very rare to have that feeling, it’s quite immersive in that respect.

DOH: How has Zoe Lewis approached telling this unique story in a theatrical way? Do you find it more of a character sketch than a direct narrative?

RS: In a way, it’s not narrative driven – it doesn’t tie up nicely at the end as such. For me at least it’s very character driven but there is a nice arc throughout it. Her dialogue is so particular, sometimes you feel everyone is speaking in subtext and it’s sometimes interesting to hear what the characters are saying and what they actually mean under the surface, what they’re hinting at. In that sense it’s very atmospheric rather than narrative driven. It’s not abstract but you feel the oddness about everyone playing against what is really going on. The world is at war in the background, conscription and such – and they have all these different ideas going on. For me it’s a play that benefits knowing about the context of these characters before you see it, because I didn’t know much about their life. There are certain lines for example people saying “why don’t we all just spout random opinions about things because that’s the fashion, that’s what we’re all doing anyway, we’re all just saying anything to cover up the fact we don’t know what’s going on”. There’s a panic, that sort of assertive way similar to Noel Coward that’s controversial and rakish where people are talking at odds with what they’re feeling or what is actually happening.

DOH: The play features a string of conflicting personalities – is it a difficult juggling act to keep the piece and the personalities balanced?

RS: My character has a strong opposite drive to the rest of them. You’ve got these people who are incredibly hedonistic and he is more reluctant but ends up being drawn into it, so for me that’s much easier I think. When you break it down in terms of the other characters in it, they’re all decadent and have different extremities. For example you’ve got Carson McCullers, she’s very contrary and oppositional, going against the grain and rubbing people up the wrong way because she has a chip on her shoulder. She refers to herself as a cripple and a lesbian so that stays with her and drives her character quite a lot. Then Gypsy Rose Lee has a very different manner – more ‘here’s who I am, I take my clothes off, what of it?’ They’ve all got their very different niches.

DOH: What has been your particular ‘way in’ as an actor getting inside the character of Benjamin Britten?

RS: I don’t know if it’s that straightforward really. What I always do is first go through the script and see everything that someone else says about the character and what the character says about themselves. As you go through it you realise he’s a man who is riddled with guilt, guilt about his sexuality and guilt about him not contributing to the war effort in his own country. When you place that guilt a lot of the lines make more sense to you, not sense maybe, they just chime with you. I’ve only realised quite late on that he’s doing anything he can to get away from it. There are hints here and there about how he feels about the outside world and how much he’s trying to get away from it, but as an actor I think that’s something you need to find for yourself and then bed it in and work from there.

DOH: Do you find it easier or more restricting to play a historical character rather than one of complete fiction?

RS: I don’t really think it’s much use playing anything that isn’t on the page, unless it’s something that is either very pertinent or something that everyone knows anyway. If you’re playing Benjamin Britten you’re not beholden to a lot of things, people don’t know a great deal about how he walked or how he spoke, so I don’t feel incredibly tied to that sort of thing. If you’re playing someone who everyone knows – Michael Sheen in Frost/Nixon for example – then the audience knows exactly what they are expecting. If I tried that with Britten it would belie the play a little bit and I don’t think it’s completely necessary as people aren’t familiar with him as they are with his work.

Ryan Sampson and John Hollingworth
(photo Darren Bell)

DOH: How much research did it take – do you stick just to the script or do you look beyond?

RS: For me it’s what the script says. I’ve tied myself in knots with this before. Unless you’re going to see it on the stage, unless it influences something on the stage it can be unhelpful. I would rather look at stuff and discard it if it’s not of any use. Mostly it’s like any other play, if it’s there for you on the page you can work it out, but if it’s other stuff it’s not always helpful to know what size house he’s living in that year and so on – I find that stuff all a bit extraneous really.

DOH: Of all the characters which have you enjoyed discovering more about?

RS: Carson McCullers – her interviews on the internet are just so eccentric. They’re so ballsy for the time, really bohemian so that’s been really interesting for me. Gypsy Rose Lee you sort of know where you’re going to go with that one, but Carson is quite special – Ruby has doe a ton of research on the character.

DOH: Britten has been quite a feature of much theatrical discovery, what new elements does this play add to his character?

RS: It’s about him escaping his life for a while and being blocked as a writer, escaping to America and in the chaos of that finding himself and going back to England. Although it’s quite a small interlude it’s really interesting for a person to go through that in front of you. He’s so straight laced and conformist and to see him in this hedonistic world is what she’s illuminating.

DOH: As a play it’s about a very specific time and place. Do you think it still manages to speak to a contemporary audience?

RS: The bonkers thing about it is I’ve probably never done a play that chimes so much with the moment. It’s a play about people joining or being in opposition to a big social swing towards the rise of a political right-wing movement which we’re really feeling now. It feels like you could very easily have subtitles that say “look – this is what is going on in the moment” and it wouldn’t feel strange. It’s interesting to see people in the run up to the Second World War, similar now to Donald Trump and the BNP side of British politics, but it’s really weird to see people in a domestic situation reacting to that in the same way we do now. Firstly we dismissed Nigel Farage as a joke, taking him apart a bit in private, but then the threat begins to grow. Everyone in the world of the play has a level of simmering anxiety within them which is something people have within them now, you can feel it, the temperature of society at the moment it feels very similar to the world of the play. It’s interesting as you’ve got this group of people and a lot of it feels like idle chatter, but there’s a lot going on under the surface which is the same context we have going on now, the rolling boil of anxiety.

Britten in Brooklyn runs at Wilton’s Music Hall from 31 August to 17 September 2016.

Updated 21/08/16

For those of you who have seen The Last Post you may be interested to know it has been selected for the BAFTA qualifying Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2016, just follow this link to their Facebook page “The Last Post – Short Film”

Updated 18/08/16

Here is an article in Evening Standard for Britten in Brooklyn Just follow this link…

“Sadie Frost: Being a child star helped me play Gypsy Rose Lee in new play”

Updated 15/08/16

With rehearsals well under way, for here are a few behind the scene photos for Britten in Brooklyn, you see the full article here “In Rehearsal With Sadie Frost For BRITTEN IN BROOKLYN”

Updated 12/08/16

Don’t we just love Ryan’s Selfie’s.. !

Updated 11/08/16

First day of rehearsals for #britteninbrooklyn #sadiefrost #rubybentall #ryansampson #johnhollingworth #davidburnett #theatre #london #stage #culture #exclusive_shot

Updated 08/08/16

Ryan on his way home, looks like he had a good time… !

Updated 07/08/16

Two snips of Ryan News… Read on, while Ryan is showing off his shirt at the Wilderness Festival…. You can also buy tickets to see him and other top stars in a short play called Britten in Brooklyn, it will play for a strictly limited season of 21 performances from 31 August – 17 September. Press night is Friday 2 September, follow this link for the full article… “BRITTEN IN BROOKLYN”

Updated 06/08/16

Retail shopping it’s all In Land… or maybe not

Updated 02/08/16

What a really cool shirt…..

Updated 29/07//16

Now we don’t know if this will be screened in the UK but here is a short trailer with with Ryan in “The Last Post“….

Also here is a link to the Last Post Facebook page The Last Post Facebook Page

Updated 25/07//16

If you have seen the second episode of Holby City then Ryan was great (we won’t tell you what happened), but here is Ryan with Actor Hugh Quarshie who plays Ric Griffin…

Don’t forget if you missed the episode you can catch it again on the BBC I-Player, just follow this link “A Perfect Life – Part Two”

Also here he is with a knife, no he is not doing any DIY .. !

Updated 20/07//16

Just a reminder folks, if you haven’t ordered the Plebs 3 DVD, you can in fact order the entire Box set of all three series in one go, just follow this link…

Plebs Box set Series 1 -2 -3

Updated 17/07//16

Well if one episode of Ryan in Holby City wasn’t enough you can see him again in another one Tuesday July 19th called

“A Perfect Life”

A Perfect Life

When a desperate patient returns to Holby and goes missing from the ward, Essie goes in search. However, when she’s a no-show for a family night out, Sacha is left reeling from the tragedy that unfolds.

Already under pressure with Hanssen on her case, Bernie absent and a newly opened trauma bay to run, Serena’s world is rocked when a troubled Jason unexpectedly arrives in AAU with the police not far behind.

When a new doctor, Dr Jasmine Burrows, bursts onto Darwin for her first shift, Ollie is impressed. But when Jasmine bites off more than she can chew, the future of the Darwin team is suddenly uncertain.


Mo EffangaChizzy Akudolu
Oliver ValentineJames Anderson
Jasmine BurrowsLucinda Dryzek
Essie HarrisonKaye Wragg
Sacha LevyBob Barrett
Serena CampbellCatherine Russell
Adrian ‘Fletch’ FletcherAlex Walkinshaw
Bernie WolfeJemma Redgrave
Henrik HanssenGuy Henry
Raffaello Di LuccaJoe McFadden
Zosia MarchCamilla Arfwedson
Ric GriffinHugh Quarshie
Jason HaynesJules Robertson
Ivor WeilandRyan Sampson
Celia BransonZara Jayne
Mel WatsonJocelyn Jee Esien
WriterJulia Gilbert
ProducerFiona Naylor
DirectorKarl Neilson

If you missed an episode you can catch it again on the BBC I-Player, but be quick as this episode will be removed as the next episode is shown, just follow this link Children of Men

Updated 13/07//16

If you want the wet hair look, here’s what you have to do…

Updated 12/07//16

Quick call me a doctor… well sort of, yes folks you can catch Ryan in next weeks episode of “Holby City” where he plays Ivor Weiland

You can follow this link to the BBC Holby City website where all the details can be found “Holby City- Children of Men”


Mo EffangaChizzy Akudolu
Adrian ‘Fletch’ FletcherAlex Walkinshaw
Serena CampbellCatherine Russell
Raffaello Di LuccaJoe McFadden
Oliver ValentineJames Anderson
Zosia MarchCamilla Arfwedson
Dominic CopelandDavid Ames
Ric GriffinHugh Quarshie
Henrik HanssenGuy Henry
Essie HarrisonKaye Wragg
Bernie WolfeJemma Redgrave
Isaac MayfieldMarc Elliott
Mikey FletcherKai O’Loughlin
Judie RichardsHeather Craney
Ivor WeilandRyan Sampson
Debbie RichardsKathryn O’Reilly
Elli EllisMegan Parkinson
Mel WatsonJocelyn Jee Esien
WriterEd Sellek
ProducerFiona Naylor
DirectorKarl Neilson

Updated 07/07//16

Looks like the longest Blackberry makes the world a better place..

Updated 29/06/16

Looks like Ryan found a Brexit Protest.. Fame at last

Updated 28/06/16

Looks like Ryan is having a bad eye day…

Updated 21/06/16

You can’t get any better than a nice piece of fruit, strawberry face Ryan….

Updated 20/06/16

Did someone mention Lemon, Ryan has been busy growing his own..

Updated 09/06/16

And Mr Sampson is back in Blighty, he was missed.. Looks like a before and after photo…

And just as a reminder, you can pre-order the Plebs Box Set (Series 1, 2 & 3), just follow this link…

Plebs Box Set – Series 1,2 & 3

Updated 02/06/16

If this photo reminds you of something it might be the Duran Duran Video “Rio”… Ryan having fun in Ibiza….

Updated 01/06/16

Not much news on Ryan at the moment but you can see what he is up to on Twitter… The mind boggles… SNACKS !

Updated 30/05/16

You can read a short article in The Guardian by Sam Wollaston (go to the bottom of the link or read it hear)

The Guardian

And a lovely finale to this series of Plebs (ITV2). It starts with naughty grave sex for Marcus and Delphine (interruptus, before it even started, by mourners). Ends with a snowball fight (more successful). And, in between, takes in a new hottie in the office for Stylax to pursue; a hot curry for Grumio; a new weatherist (kind of like a meteorologist) neighbour called Strabo; and an earthquake. Actually, more of a little tremor than Strabo’s predicted monster quake; he’s like the anti-Michael Fish of Roman times. Or anty Michael Fish, because that’s what he uses – ants – to make his predictions. Lots of ant puns, too.

Very, very silly; very, very funny. It’s almost certainly wrong to admit it, but I absolutely LOVE Plebs.

Updated 18/05/16

All you Plebs fans you can vote in the TV Choice Awards 2016, just follow this link TV Choice Awards

Welcome to the 20th TV Choice Awards

The decision as to who wins a coveted TV Choice Award in September is yours, so get voting!

Click here to vote

Please note: Only one vote per person. Any other votes will be discounted.

Voting on the LONGLIST will remain open until midnight on FRIDAY 3 JUNE

And one last photo from the .

“Sad it was the last Episode of PLEBS last night, Hope we get another Series”

Updated 17/05/16

Ryan has Re-Tweeted Tom Rosenthals’s Tweet for the Last episode of Plebs series 3 The Weatherist…

In tonight’s episode it snows in Rome. Or there’s an ash cloud due to an erupting volcano which burns us all alive.

One more from Ryan..

Last ep of this series of Plebs tonight – finally the burgeoning romance between me and @BigTomD comes to a head pic.twitter.com/K9yxn3Cuf3

Updated 16/05/16

Well folks it’s the final Episode of Plebs series three this Monday May 16th, here’s a little sample for what we have to look forward to…..

The Weatherist

The boys meet their new neighbour, a weatherman. Marcus uses the forecast of a small tremor to bring excitement to his relationship with Delphine. Stylax tries his luck with an attractive new colleague, while Grumio discovers Indian food.

Updated 13/05/16

Well all you Plebs fans there is a NEW Plebs Fans Twitter Page, just follow this link and here’s a clue to what it looks like…

“Plebs Fans – @ItvPLEBS”

Updated 12/05/16

Daily Mirror article for Plebs…. use the link or read the article below

“Brand new episode of Plebs: There’s a pool party and we get to see some Roman pants”

It’s the penultimate episode of Plebs tonight and after a series that included Michelle Keegan‘s sex screen debut – can the show get any better?

Well perhaps funnier.

In tonight’s episode of the ITV2 hit, there’s a pool party going on, but it’s not the kind of outlandish soiree you’d expect from the indulgent Romans.

Instead, for the Plebs, it’s more of a one-in-one out type scenario as the rager fails to live up to expectations.

ITV / Rise Films


Series 3 of ITV2 smash hit comedy ‘Plebs’

They’re also getting to grips with “browsing” at a food market and considering a nose job – did they have plastic surgeons in ancient Rome?

The big story has to be the promise of Ancient Roman underwear though.

Actor Ryan Sampson tweeted earlier today: “Plebs, I ride on this chap’s shoulders, allowing for a rare and exciting glimpse of Roman underpants.”

Are we ready to wave goodbye to the third series yet? not really.

With just two episodes to go it’s been another triumph for Marcus, Stylax and Grumio, who managed to hit a rating high with sex bomb Michelle’s steamy onscreen antics.

The earth didn’t exactly move for Mrs Mark Wright though, who admitted she was “deflated” after the sex scene with Joel Fry.

After it was done and dusted, Michelle – who is married to former TOWIE hunk Mark Wright – admitted she wondered what all the fuss was about.

“I was so nervous at first because I’d never done anything like that before,” she said.

“But Joel was so chilled and laid back. He was very gentlemanly and very protective. We high-fived one another afterwards. I was nervous but on the first take the nerves just went and I was like, ‘Oh, is that it?”


Michelle’s sex scene

Michelle, who has been shooting the new series of Our Girl in South Africa recently, continued: “I felt a little deflated and thought, ‘After all that build up…'”

The brunette beauty, who married Mark last year, insisted that her hubby was not bothered by the racy scenes.

Read more: Michelle Keegan wants more SEX scenes in her dramas as she strips off for Plebs

“Luckily Mark is in the industry too and he knows what it’s like. It lasts for a few seconds and it’s done and it’s so unglamorous,” she told the Daily Star Sunday.

“He is not the jealous type and that is all that matters really.”

Updated 10/05/16

For this weeks Episode of Plebs, here is Ryan’s Tweet, it’s all about the Pants, Underpants…

Updated 09/05/16

Hi Folks Next weeks Episode of PLEBS 3 is called The New Master. Followed by Episode 8 Sadly the last Episode (See below for details)

Monday 9th May 2016

Episode 7 The New Master

The Weatherist (Episode 8 The last one)

Marcus, Stylax and their feckless slave Grumio undertake another adventure. Broadcast details

Note: This episode has not yet been broadcast. Details may change

Updated 04/05/16

Just in case you wanted to know what’s coming up next, here’s a little guide for last few Plebs 3 episodes….

Monday 2nd May 2016

Episode 6 Jugball

Marcus, Stylax and Ramases – the work experience boy who also happens to be the son of the company owner – invent a new office-based sport called Jugball. Grumio samples some gourmet food when Ramases lends him his store card for the emporium.

Monday 9th May 2016

Episode 7 The New Master

When Grumio injures another slave in a fight over a carrot, he is forced to replace him until he recovers. And so he joins a new household where work is taken seriously. Marcus invites Delphine to move in. But can she bond with Stylax?

Episode 8 yet to be announced…..

Updated 27/04/16

Don’t forget you can catch the next episode of Plebs series 3 Monday April 25th on ITV2, here’s a little insight…

5. The Crimewave (Next)

NEW EPISODE: Monday 25th April 2016 at 10pm on ITV2

As a crime wave sweeps the city, the boys join a Roman military fitness class to protect themselves on the streets. Flavia introduces some dubious new security measures at work. Grumio starts dating Agatha, a talented baker, who may well be a feeder.

More details

6. Jugball

NEW EPISODE: Monday 2nd May 2016 at 10pm on ITV2

Marcus, Stylax and Ramases – the work experience boy who also happens to be the son of the company owner – invent a new office-based sport called Jugball. Grumio samples some gourmet food when Ramases lends him his store card for the emporium.

More details

Updated 19/04/16

A Picture tells a thousand words… Ryan’s Twitter photo for tonight Plebs..

Updated 18/04/16

Well folks even before the series of Plebs 3 has finished you can pre-order the DVD, here is a link to Amazon (there are other outlets and shops where this can also be purchased )…

“Plebs – Series 3 [DVD] [2016] ” – This title will be released on July 18, 2016

Updated 16/04/16

Plebs 3… Episode update, yes Episode 3 is on Monday April 18, here is a little guide to what’s coming up..

4. The Cupid (Next)

NEW EPISODE: Monday 18th April 2016 at 10pm on ITV2

The boys get cultured when Grumio is street-cast to play the part of Cupid in an upcoming play. Marcus becomes his agent and uses his new connections to impress Delphine. Stylax understudies the lead actor so he can meet some theatre groupies.

More details

5. The Crimewave

NEW EPISODE: Monday 25th April 2016 at 10pm on ITV2

As a crime wave sweeps the city, the boys join a Roman military fitness class to protect themselves on the streets. Flavia introduces some dubious new security measures at work. Grumio starts dating Agatha, a talented baker, who may well be a feeder.

More details

6. Jugball

NEW EPISODE: Monday 2nd May 2016 at 10pm on ITV2

Marcus, Stylax and their feckless slave Grumio undertake another adventure.

Updated 16/04/16

Here you go folks…. Ryan News…

“New sitcom from Plebs star Ryan Sampson”

About bus tour guides

Plebs star Ryan Sampson has shot a comedy pilot for ITV2.

The actor also makes his sitcom writing debut with Marvin Can’t Fail, about open top bus tour guides in central London.

Filming took place in Welwyn Hatfield last month, the Hertfordshire borough where Simon Pegg and Nick Frost shot the films Hot Fuzz and The World’s End.

Raised By Wolves and Moone Boy’s Ian Fitzgibbon directs and the pilot is produced by Paul Schlesinger and Tom Jordan for Hat Trick Productions.

Sampson is becoming a key figure in ITV2’s expanding comedy line-up.

The third series of Ancient Rome sitcom Plebs, in which he plays the slave Grumio alongside Tom Rosenthal and Joel Fry, is currently airing and is the channel’s highest rated comedy.

Sampson also fronts and co-writes ITV2’s hidden camera sketch show Glitchy.

Updated 15/04/16

We know you want to see another Plebs trailer so here’s one before next weeks episode..

Updated 13/04/16

Did anyone see Glitchy with Ryan, well you can watch it (OK if you a night Owl or can pre-record it) ….

Thursday 14th April 2016 00:30 to 00:55 (or Wednesday night if you stop up late)

Prank show in which Plebs star Ryan Sampson and an ensemble of rising comedy stars rope the public into taking part in bizarre fake reality shows and phoney competitions. Exactly how far will people go in the quest for fame?

Updated 11/04/16

Here is a little interview With Ryan, Excuse the nakedness photo (at least it’s not a full frontal)…

Interview with Ryan Sampson aka Grumio from ‘Plebs’

What did inspire you to become an actor?

My Mum – well, not inspire exactly, but she made it happen. When I was a kid I think she just knew I was a bit odd and I needed to go somewhere and pretend to be other people for a bit, so she found a youth theatre near us in Sheffield. My Mum passed away a few years ago now and I’d love more than anything for her to see me enjoying my job so much now. Albeit dicking about in Ancient Rome in a toga and a bowl cut.

What were your favorite roles that you have done so far?

Grumio is pretty ridiculously fun. In real life I’m closer to Woody Allen than Grumio so it’s sort of nice to dip into being a feckless scrubber who doesn’t give a toss about anything! Outside of Plebs, I’m in a series called The Frankenstein Chronicles with Sean Bean – I play a young Charles Dickens and it’s brilliant to play a real person who has such a legacy and mythology surrounding them.

The 3rd season of Plebs is coming out soon, what should we expect from this season?

Bigger, ballsier, nakeder nonsense in Ancient Rome. There’s some pretty special Grumio fatsuit action going on that’s worth tuning in for alone…

Grumio is definitely our favorite character. Is it challenging to become Grumio and bring him into reality?

To be honest, yeah it is a bit. I didn’t really realise when I filmed the pilot that after 2 months of maintaining that posture every series my spine would be like a bonsai tree. I have to get a hell of a lot of deep tissue massage to straighten me out again every time. Also the amount of weight I pile on from eating constantly in every take of every scene is incredible. After this series, just thinking about Pecan Pie is enough to make me dry heave. I’m like that fat lad from ‘Matilda’ with the chocolate cake.

What was the funniest thing that happened while filming Plebs?

It depends how you look at it. If you’re not me – watching me standing completely naked in the town square, trying to wrangle a camera shy goat into place using my thighs was probably pretty amusing. As it happens I’m still going to be having therapy in thirty years time. And I’ll never be able to visit Hackney city farm without feeling a bit weird.

Who are your favorite actors and role models?

I’m gonna go straight down the line and say Judi Dench. There’s a story about her being cut off by another driver who shouted ‘c**t’ at her out of his window. She winds the window down and shouts ‘that’s Dame c*nt to you!’. Class.

What are your future plans?

I’ve just finished filming a pilot of a sitcom I’ve written, based around open top bus tour guides in central London. So, with a bit of luck and a following wind, we’ll be filming the rest of that series later this year.

Updated 11/04/16

Well That’s Plebs series 3 Episode one and two now shown, hope your all enjoyed them, are you ready for the next one, here is a little teaser or two … and a trailer ….

3. The Vestal (Next)

NEW EPISODE: Monday 11th April 2016 at 10pm on ITV2

Marcus’s parents are visiting for the weekend and he is keen to keep them and Delphine as far apart as possible. Stylax pursues a romance with Ursula, one of the Vestal Virgins who guard the city’s sacred flame. Grumio finds some mouldy cheese under his bed and spots a business opportunity.

More details

4. The Cupid

NEW EPISODE: Monday 18th April 2016 at 10pm on ITV2

The boys get cultured when Grumio is street-cast to play the part of Cupid in an upcoming play. Marcus becomes his agent and uses his new connections to impress Delphine. Stylax understudies the lead actor so he can meet some theatre groupies.

More details

5. The Crimewave

NEW EPISODE: Monday 25th April 2016 at 10pm on ITV2

Marcus, Stylax and their feckless slave Grumio undertake another adventure.

Updated 08/04/16

There are other news articles out there but here is just one on the return of Plebs….

Plebs returns for series 3 with filthiest scenes EVER that sees lion and goat get sexually abused

Read the full article below……………………..

Plebs has plunged to extreme depths as the show returns for a third series with some very risky humour.

Viewers will be delighted to see Grumio, played by Ryan Sampson, Tom Rosenthal as Marcus and Stylax played by Joel Fry all make a comeback in ITV2 ‘s Ancient Roman comedy.

News the stunning Michelle Keegan will be making a cameo in the series won’t be the only storyline people will be talking about.

For writer Sam Leifer and star and co-writer Tom Basden are taking their blue humour to the very edge with one joke involving a goat’s anus, Landlady played by Maureen Lipman and the phrase “lion-fingering”.

ITV / Rise Films


Series 3 of ITV2 smash hit comedy ‘Plebs’ returns

ITV / Rise Films


Michelle Keegan has a cameo role as a virgin

The miserable Grumio is upset that Landlady is planning on killing and eating her husband Landlord’s pet goat because she believes he’s dead and is not happy he’s left her running the business.

Landlady explains to Grumio that Landlord disappeared and she was sick of Juno the goat’s bleating and as she begins shouting at the creature it starts to chew on her clothes.

Unable to get the four-legged animal to stop she whips out her finger and puts it in its genitals: “Finger up the bum, it’s the only language the dumb animal speaks…”

ITV / Rise Films


Grumio, Marcus and Stylax have to get themselves out of a sticky situation

Grumio is visibly shocked by the moment and drily comments: “Bloody hell that’s a bit full on.”

Instead of letting the animal be tortured any longer he unties the goat and leads it to freedom where he runs into his pals.

Read more: Pleb Joel Fry attempts to seduce Michelle Keegan using ‘sexy face’

Moaning about being weighed down by looking after a goat the animal soon proves fruitful for sex-mad Marcus who encounters a beautiful protester fighting for animal rights during the Roman Games.

They’re all desperate to get a ringside seat to the beastly action but when they unexpectedly get arrested their sentence ends up with them coming face-to-face with an enormous lion.

The only way out of certain death for Stylax, Marcus and Grumio is to employ Landlady’s tactics, which results in the boys getting called “lion-fingerers” and accused of sexually abusing the unfortunate animals.

Updated 06/04/16

The Picture Speaks for itself…. Ryan on Twitter, or should it be Grumio…. with wings !

Updated 03/04/16

Here is another Plebs 3 trailer… can’t wait

Updated 30/03/16

Why is water boy tied to a pole? This & other questions answered in the new series of Plebs. Next Monday at 10.00…

Updated 29/03/16

Did you miss Ryan and Tom on Sunday Brunch, well here you can see what great cooks they make…

Sunday Brunch with Ryan & Tom

Updated 28/03/16

If you missed Ryan on Channel 4 Sunday Brunch, here are a few photos,

Updated 27/03/16

Here are the first three episodes for Plebs 3 starting Monday April 4th, Episode one and two are running back to back….

 1. The Beasts

Monday 4th April 2016 at 10pm on ITV2

The boys are desperate for tickets to one of the ‘Beast shows’ at the Games. Marcus meets Delphine, a fiery activist from Gaul, whom he hopes will become his ‘Gaul-friend’. Grumio clashes with Landlady, their missing Landlord’s formidable mother.

 2. Justin Junior

Monday 4th April 2016 at 10:30pm on ITV2

Grumio meets Justin, the father who left him on a hill as a baby and who now wants to make up for lost time. Stylax starts dating Camilla, a female discus thrower, on a sex ban during the Games. Marcus and Delphine come to terms with each other’s past.

 3. The Vestal

Monday 11th April 2016 at 10pm on ITV2

Stylax lands the trio in trouble when he catches the eye of one of the holy Vestal Virgins.

Updated 24/03/16

Hope your all excited for Plebs 3, here is another small trailer.. enjoy.

Updated 23/03/16

Well folks the time has nearly arrived… Plebs 3 will be shown on ITV2 Monday April 4th at 10.00pm.. here is the ITV2 Tweet

Updated 22/03/16

Want to watch Ryan, well you can catch him on Channel 4, Sunday Brunch March 27th 2016 09:30 to 12:30 …..

Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer host a chilled Sunday show with recipes, previews and guests, including Ross Kemp, Tom Rosenthal, Ryan Sampson and music from The Vamps.

Updated 19/03/16

For anyone wanting to see Ryan in The Frankenstein Chronicles, the bad news it’s been put back yet again, this time to October 3rd 2016…. The Frankenstein Chronicles

Updated 16/03/16

April is nearly here and so is Plebs 3, so her is a little trailer, hope you all like it…

Updated 11/03/16

Well the Plebs 3 release date is getting closer, so if you are watching ITV2 at any time you may see the trailer, we can’t say when the trailer will be shown, you just have to keep watching…

Here are the Twitter links so keep watching here too:

@ITV2 @PlebsComedy

Updated 03/03/16

Here She is, the YouTube Link…


Updated 27/02/16

“Here She Is” with Ryan Sampson interview and chat, due for release on Youtube Feb 27th 2016 at 7:00pm, Thanks again to Sarah Baker for keeping us up to date, here’s what the Twitter shot looks like, also follow this YouTube link below….

Here She Is : with Ryan Sampson

Updated 27/02/16

Plebs 3 is just around the corner, so with thanks to Sarah Baker for alerting us to these Photos on the RexFeatures website, just follow this link to see Ryan Sampson, Joel Fry, Maureen Lipman and Michelle Keegan (here is a taster)…

Plebs’ TV show Press Launch, London 25 February 2016

Updated 26/02/16

We have some news on The Frankenstein Chronicles DVD, the release date has been put back until April 25th 2016, here’s the Amazon link …. The Frankenstein Chronicles

Also looks like Here She is may be put back until March 27th, watch this space….

Updated 04/02/16

If anyone can’t wait for Frankenstein Chronicles on DVD, you can catch it again On Wednesday and Sunday nights from 9:00pm on Sky Channel 123, ITV Encore.

Don’t forget the DVD is out on Feb 29th 2016, here is a link to Amazon, there are other outlets where you can also purchase the DVD.. “Frankenstein Chronicles”

Updated 03/02/16

For all you Plebs fans, you can watch Series 2 all over again, starting Feb 1st at 11:10pm on ITV2

Updated 28/01/16

For all you TV fans out there you can vote for Ryan in this years Comedy Awards 2016, just follow this link TV Comedy Awards

There are lots of choices where you can vote for shows Ryan has been in, here are a few:

“Undercover” – “Up The Women” – “Glitchy” – “Drunk History”.

Good luck..

Updated 18/01/16

It’s nearly here, what is we hear you ask “Here She Is” with Ryan Sampson interview and chat, due for release on Youtube Feb 28th, here’s what the Twitter shot looks like

Updated 06/01/16

Hi everyone, Carol and Jim (website admin) would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year…

Updated 28/12/15

Anyone a daytime TV fan as well as doctor who, well you can catch Ryan in The Sontaran Stratagem. Series 30, episode 4. On Sky Channel Watch & Watch HD: Wednesday Dec 23rd 3:00pm

David Tennant’s third series as the mysterious hero. Martha summons the Doctor back to Earth, where an old enemy lies in wait….

Starring: David Tennant, Catherine Tate, Freema Agyeman, Bernard Cribbins, Jacqueline King, Ryan Sampson

Updated 22/12/15

For all you people who missed Frankenstein Chronicles fear not, it’s coming out on DVD Feb 29th 2016, here is a link to Amazon, there are other outlets where you can also purchase the DVD..

“Frankenstein Chronicles”

Updated 17/12/15

Good news if you live in the US, yes Plebs is being shown across the big pond, here’s a link to the article “Hulu picks up Plebs”

and here it is as well….

US subscription VoD service Hulu has acquired the first two series of ITV2 comedy Plebs.

Distributor DRG struck the deal on behalf of indie Rise Films, which produces the Ancient Rome comedy starring Tom Rosenthal, Joel Fry and Ryan Sampson.

Plebs is ITV2’s highest-rated comedy ever and Rise is currently in production in Bulgaria on a third series, which will air next year.

Scott Kirkpatrick, DRG’s senior vice president of sales in North America, said: “Hulu is an ideal platform for Plebs; they’re a game-changer in terms of understanding where the market is going how smart and engaged audiences discover new programmes.”

Updated 16/12/15

Well it’s the last episode of The Frankenstein Chronicles so don’t forget you can catch Ryan in final show UK TV Sky Channel 123, ITV Encore Wednesday night from 10.00pm

Updated 15/12/15

Here are the shots of Ryan on “Here She Is”… as soon as it hits YouTube we will post it on here… stay Tuned …

Updated 10/12/15

Ryan is appearing (Interview Thursday Dec 10th) on “Here She Is”, now this is a YouTube Sketch and Comedy Show so as soon as this goes live (or if anyone spots it first please e-mail us) we will add it to the Website, here are the links to “Here she Is”

Youtube, Facebook and Twitter…

“Here She Is – YouTube”

“Here She Is – Facebook”

“Here She Is – Twitter”

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Yes it’s that time of the week again, another reminder don’t forget you Can Catch Ryan in The Frankenstein Chronicles UK TV Sky Channel 123, ITV Encore Wednesday nights from 10.00pm

Updated 09/12/15

OK all you Dr Who Fans, has anyone see the Episode

The Sontaran Stratagem. Series 30, episode 4. On Sky Channel Watch & Watch HD: Wednesday Dec 23rd 3:00pm

David Tennant’s third series as the mysterious hero. Martha summons the Doctor back to Earth, where an old enemy lies in wait…..

Starring: David Tennant, Catherine Tate, Freema Agyeman, Bernard Cribbins, Jacqueline King, Ryan Sampson

Updated 03/12/15

Here is another reminder all you Boz fans (Ryan’s character), don’t forget you Can Catch Ryan in The Frankenstein Chronicles UK TV Sky Channel 123, ITV Encore Wednesday nights from 10.00pm

Updated 02/12/15

ITV2 spoil us these days, yes folks they are treating us to Plebs 2 at 9.00 and 9.30, yes a double episode again, tonight’s are “The New Slave”, then “The Race”… hope you all enjoy them

Updated 30/11/15

We just wanted to let you all know Today (November 28th) is Ryan’s Birthday, we (the website admin Team) would like to wish Ryan a Very, Very Happy Birthday… XX

Updated 28/11/15

There is no escape from the internet…

Updated 28/11/15

OK all you Plebs (Grumio) fans, fear not Plebs Two is also being repeated on ITV2 on November 29th … now the bad news (or could be good news if you are an Owl or an insomniac) it’s on in the early hours of Sunday morning 00:50 (that’s ten to one) thank goodness we can record it on Sky….

Updated 26/11/15

Don’t forget you Can Catch Ryan in The Frankenstein Chronicles UK TV Sky Channel 123, ITV Encore Wednesday nights from 10.00pm

Updated 24/11/15

Just a reminder Plebs fans, you can catch the repeat of series one, ITV2 9.00 pm Monday nights

Updated 23/11/15

Ryan’s Re-Tweet…..

Nu Boyana Studios @nuboyana

And it’s a wrap for Plebs 3. Had an amazing time having you here! @FryJoel @rosentweets @MrRyanSampson pic.twitter.com/yN4Bn5qNjk

Well after a few gremlins in the system (we have now cast them out) the “Contact Form” page is now up and running, so feel free to drop us a line, or even ask us a question, we might not be able to answer it, but you never know….. “Contact Form”

And just another reminder don’t forget you Can Catch Ryan in The Frankenstein Chronicles UK TV Sky Channel 123, ITV Encore Wednesday nights from 10.00pm

Hi all, Just a reminder… For all you Plebs fans out there DON’T PANIC… ITV2 are showing Series One all over again, starting November 16th 2015 from 9.00 pm with Episode 1 (The Orgy), followed straight after with Episode 2 (The Gladiator)…..

After series One has finished they are treating us to series two.. Woo hoo…..

And for those of you who loved the Plebs soundtracks here’s link where you can purchase the CD or download in MP3

Plebs (Soundtrack) Various artists

Here are some photos of the wrap up of PLEBS 3 due to be screened on UK TV April 2016

It’s all in the Head Gear….. or as Ryan would say “If you enjoy period headwear, have a look at #TheFrankensteinChronicles tonight at 10 on @itvencoreuk

You can follow The Frankenstein Chronicles Facebook page, just follow this link.. The Frankenstein Chronicles – Facebook

Don’t forget you can catch Ryan in The Frankenstein Chronicles UK TV Sky Channel 123, ITV Encore from November 11th 2015 at 10.00pm.

And for those of you (like us) who were waiting for the last Episode of Glitchy, here is was @GlitchyTV said on Twitter…

GLITCHY @Glitchytv

#glitchy isn’t on tonight   but our final show will air in the new year  ! In the meantime catch up on previous eps beta.itv.com/itvplayer/glit…

For all you Plebs fans out there DON’T PANIC… ITV2 are showing Series One all over again, starting November 16th 2015 from 9.00 pm with Episode 1 (The Orgy), followed straight after with Episode 2 (The Gladiator)….

Also check out this Radio Time Link “Radio Times – Plebs”

Here is an extended Frankenstein Chronicles Clip with the very talented Mr Sampson, just Follow this link…

“The Frankenstein Chronicles | Extended Preview | ITV First Look”

Ryan had a Frankenstein Tweet, here’s what he said, well sort of.. Behind the scenes of The Frankenstein Chronicles, starring me (meaning Ryan) and also possibly Sean Bean. But mainly me (Ryan)… Follow this link for the YouTube clip

“The Frankenstein Chronicles – Generic Featurette”

And Don’t forget you Can Catch Ryan in The Frankenstein Chronicles UK TV Sky Channel 123, ITV Encore from November 11th 2015,

As Mr Sampson says.. Quote on Twitter… “Epiphany: there is no greater joy than wearing a dressing gown made from the skinned fur of Winnie the Pooh” ….

You can Vote for Ryan in the “Best Comedy Actor” Category by following this link to “I Talk Telly Awards 2015”

The voting is now open for you to choose your favourites, and the winners will be revealed on Monday 21st December 2015

Latest News you can see Ryan in GLITCHY Tuesday Nov 3rd on ITV 2 at 10pm

Here is a Menu from the Set of Plebs, Ryan shared on Twitter

The things Ryan puts himself through in Bulgaria…. Hotel Menu, yuk

You Can Catch Ryan in The Frankenstein Chronicles UK TV Sky Channel 123, ITV Encore from November 11th 2015, you can read more by following this link

ITV confirms cast for The Frankenstein Chronicles

Ryan is currently working in Plebs 3 and filming in Bulgaria…

Naughty Plebs favourtie Ryan Sampson is going to spend autumn pulling off some crazy pranks for ITV2.

Sampson and an ensemble of rising comedy stars will rope the public into taking part in bizarre (and totally fake) reality shows for the new sketch series Glitchy.


Unsuspecting passers-by on the streets will become the stars of phoney competitions like Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Hand ModelDate My Daughter and 24 Hours in a Phone Box – and surely embarrass themselves along the way.

An unlucky few might even have an unwelcome encounter with Mezmo, a petty thief-turned-creepy street magician.

“I’m beyond excited that ITV have let us loose, giving our own twisted take on all of our favourite TV shows,” Sampson said. “It’s going to be brilliant. And weird. And weirdly brilliant!”

His revolving cast of co-conspirators includes Ellie White (House of Fools), Gabby Best (Top Coppers), Colin Hoult (Derek), Mona Yousefi (Mayhem Makers), Liam Hourican (Murder in Successville) and Jason Attar (One Night in Powder).

Glitchy will air six 30-minute episodes this autumn on ITV2.

ITV2 hit Plebs will get a repeat run on ITV
Undercover: Get a first look at Dave’s new original sitcom
Dave is launching new original sitcom Undercover in June
Plebs to return for third series on ITV2

Newcastle-filmed TV comedy-drama Undercover is to make its premiere in June

North East producer and co-writer are part of creative team behind series, starring Bafta-winning Daniel Rigby, which is about to air on Dave channel

Undercover series one: from left, Ivan Kay as Garabed,Ryan Sampson as Stepan, Sacha Alexander as Ara, BerniceStegers as Lucine, Yasmine Akram as Lara, Daniel Rigby as Chris and Sarah Alexander as DS Zoe Keller

Tyneside locations will be on show in a new TV show set to hit screens next month.

The first two episodes of comedy drama Undercover aired at Tyneside Cinema last week and among the audience was its Bafta-winning star Daniel Rigby.

The actor plays hapless undercover traffic policeman Chris in the upcoming six-part series who has infiltrated an Armenian crime family and finds himself hopelessly out of his depth.

It will screen on Dave on June 16 and local viewers will be able to spot Newcastle locations and a former quayside restaurant among the backdrops used for the story.

They will also recognise some familiar faces among the cast, including local actor Donald McBride in a minor role, but no Geordie accents.

The series could have been shot anywhere but the Undercover team were keen to use the North East and filmed here late last year.

It’s a collaboration between Baby Cow Productions and Bonafide Films whose producer Margery Bone is from Newcastle and one of its writers is another local: Andy Milligan, who is a scriptwriter for Ant and Dec on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! and is about to resume work on Britain’s Got Talent.

Undercover begins with Rigby’s character Chris, who’s plagued by allergies and uncertainties, already immersed in an Armenian crime family called the Sarkissians.

Daniel Rigby as undercover cop DS Chris Anderson

Tuesday night’s invited guests, who included cast and crew, saw him struggle to meet the demands of both his new handler, detective sergeant Zoe Keller played by Smack The Pony actress Sarah Alexander, and head of the Armenian family, Ara.

He is played by Bonafide’s Sacha Alexander who is also a co-writer of the show alongside Milligan and Simon Dean.

Rigby He’s also a stand-up comic and quirky comedy runs throughout Undercover which sees Chris caught up in a criminal underworld between back-stabbing family members.won a Bafta for best actor in his role as Eric Morecambe in BBC drama Eric and Ernie about the early careers of Britain’s famous double-act and he’s well-known for playing the annoying neighbour in the BT adverts.

And it seems romantic interest is also on the cards, with the crime lord’s glamorous niece and, quite possibly, police colleague Zoe too.

Rigby said: “If I had to sum up the show then it’s what I absolutely love doing; it’s stupidity played completely straight.

“The main thing about Chris is that he’s a total idiot.

“Any type of social interaction in which he has to pitch at being either cool, impressive or accepted he massively misfires and gets it wrong.”

The actor was among a panel joining a question and answer session following Tuesday’s preview where the series was summed up as “imagine in Woody Allen in the Sopranos”.

Joining him in the Q&A which was hosted by The Journal’s arts editor David Whetstone were Margery Bone, Andy Milligan, Sacha Alexander and director Dave Lambert.

Undercover will air on Dave on June 16 at 9pm